How to Update the IOS Software of my IPhone with ITunes From my PC? (Example)

If you are an Apple user, you know that their devices are only compatible with each other (unlike Android), but also that this synchronization between them is practically perfect. So today we will see a clear example of this, when learning to update my iPhone software with iTunes from my PC.

And it is that Apple fans do not want the company just on a whim, but because it has earned it hard, since with each update that comes out it becomes better and better in terms of functions. This can be seen in the fact that every program that the company has created, no matter how old it is, is compatible with the others.

It should be noted that you can easily run iTunes on Linux, so the operating system of a computer will not be a problem.

Update my iPhone’s iOS software with iTunes from my PC

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To get straight to the point you should know that the update your device with iTunes It is simpler than anyone may think (this is mainly due to the program’s very good interface), the first thing you should do is the following:

Open iTunes and check for any issues, as sometimes you need to deal with typical glitches like iTunes error 3259 on PC.

First make sure you have the latest version and iTunes running on your PC, then connect the device to it via the cable. Then open the application on the computer and click on the button «Device”, Which you can identify in the upper left as the mobile-shaped icon.

After doing this, click on the option «Summary”Which will then allow you to click on the section that is named «Check for update».

update iOS software When the update available on the screen comes out, all you have to do is press «To update”And voila, the process will start automatically, when finished, disconnect your phone and enjoy.

With all this it is already clear how to update the software of my iPhone with iTunes from my PC quickly (since the time it takes depends on the size of the update, but the process does not take even 5 minutes).

Also, thanks to this program you can update iPhone applications with iTunes from PC.

But is this a safe upgrade method? the truth is that yes, as long as the network does not drop on the computer or the phone loses the connection (which could cause your phone to go bad).

That is why it is always good to back up information and files on the same PC, so that if something happens you can restore them without any problem.

Backup iOS device with iTunes

As you had read before, the compatibility and functions of Apple devices are so many that they allow things like iTunes itself being able to back up the cell phone. This is very important if you want update my iPhone’s iOS software with iTunes from my PC safely.

Since when making updates, an unexpected error can always occur, which generates failures in the device’s software and makes you lose all the information that you had saved there.

To make a good backup from iTunes you must first connect the device to the PC, then and as in the previous process you have to press the icon «Device«, after in «Summary”And finally the option called «Back up now.»

iTunes from my PC

With this, the process will start automatically and it will be ready in a few minutes. If you are one of the most careful you can also encrypt said backup, you just have to press «Encrypt backup of [dispositivo]» and define a password before starting the process.

You can always choose to delete apps – iPhone apps that are no longer needed to avoid taking up more space on the backup.

If you want to see the backups you have made go to the section «Edition«, Then has»preferences«And finally choose»Devices”, Here both the encrypted and the unencrypted will appear, the difference will be that the former have a padlock.

And that’s it, with the latter, the question of how to update the iOS software of my iPhone with iTunes from my PC is dispelled and you can also create a copy before to protect your files.

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