How to Update the Maps, Software and MapCare Cartography of a Peugeot Radio

Peugeot is a very famous automobile brand in the world, but above all in Europe, where it has won more than 10 awards for car of the year, its vehicles have many comforts and facilities, they are ideal for anyone, being even one of the better to be used as Uber.

The brand is characterized by providing comfort and ease To use your cars, it is also recommended that you use it wisely and that you have it protected against moisture and other elements of the weather that may affect its appearance.

How can updating my Peugeot’s software and mapping help me?

Normally when we talk about a upgrade, We refer to the change of small internal factors of the system, which were removed or replaced by others, on the one hand there is the correction of errors, which as its name indicates, corrects one or more errors that the system may have, these updates They are not just in cars, but they are very common in desktop computers.

Also, they can come to “patch” mode, that is installed to cover any system or security error, other updates can be by way of expansion of the system, adding new elements, in our case, the updates that Peugeot offers us, in terms of maps, bring all the modifications that have been could have the streets or avenues.

As well as if there are areas under construction, train crossings, new roads, all this is implemented every time an update for the system is released. navigation of your car Peugeot.

car with software maps and peugeot mapcare cartography

For these reasons it is recommended that you are constantly checking the official website of the brand, since approximately 2 times a year they release new versions of the map, in order to maintain the veracity of their products.

How to prepare the files from your PC?

As a first step we must know that the process needs a PC or a laptop that is updated, to have a better performance in the process, on our Smartphone, we must install the app that the company provides us, for the management of our car, in which we have several options, but the option that interests us is that of map update.

Once we do this, we will get a message to our email, in which the direct link to download the update will be included, we click on the link, and it will be downloaded automatically, it will generally be located in the downloads folder of our equipment.

Additionally we must also have a USB memory, where we will copy the downloaded files, if we use Windows we must format the pendrive in FAT32, we must right click and go down to the “format” option, here we select FAT32 and then accept.

In the case of using MacOS, we can use the disk tool to carry out this process, once the format is done, we create a folder called “License”, and here we must copy the files that we just downloaded.

How to update once we have the files ready?

On the panel of our vehicle, there are several buttons, each with its functions, once we have our USB memory ready with the files, we must first press the button that has the symbol of our car.

Here we must look for the option of “Start and stop”, and leave it deactivated, since our car must stay on during the whole process, in order to avoid any failure or update error, next to the button we pressed previously, there is the maps button (the one we normally use to see the GPS ).

car with software and mapping peugeot

We must connect our USB and press the maps buttonIn doing so and if we have done all of the above correctly, a warning should appear on the screen, notifying us that a new map update has been found, and it will ask us if we want to apply it or not, we tap on the touch screen in “YES” and we will get another warning, that some functions will be limited.

This process is good to do at home with the car parked, it could take you a few minutes but it is all worth it, we give another touch on “YES” and the update process will begin, a small bar will appear indicating the progress, once finished we remove the pendrive and that’s it.

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