How to Update the PHP Version of my Page in Wordpress in CPanel? (Example) | See How It’s Done

If you have a WordPress site with an outdated version of PHP, it is necessary to update to the latest version of PHP to ensure the correct operation of this application. For this reason, we recommend that you read this article in which you will learn How to update the PHP version of my page in Wordpress in Cpanel?

What is the «CPanel»?

The CPanel is a panel that allows the owner to manage their web hosting account. This manager is widely used in hosting servers under the Linux operating system. For this reason, many users prefer to add a domain in CPanel and install Wordpress in Banahosting.

What is the «CPanel» for?

The CPanel is used to apply changes to accounts and mailing lists, the creation of ftp accounts, the installation of scripts, the administration of databases and files, as well as the creation of subdomains.

What does the CPanel contain?

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The CPanel contains a series of options for the hosting account management such as the «Site Management» which is used to change the main password and make a backup copy, among other actions.

The CPanel also has the option “Databases”For database administration,“ FTP ”to upload and download information to the server, and the“ E-mail ”option to create e-mail accounts, auto-replies, redirect accounts, place an e-mail by default, among Other actions.

PHP Wordpress in Cpanel

How to update the PHP version of my page in Wordpress in Cpanel?

Generally, the update to the latest version of PHP can be done from our web host. This procedure depends on the configuration of the server and the web host. Therefore, the PHP update could guarantee a higher level of security and better site performance.

Next, we explain the steps you must follow to update the PHP version of your page in Wordpress in Cpanel.

Enter CPanel to update the PHP version of your page in Wordpress

Initially, it is essential that you enter the «CPanel». To do so, enter your web browser and type, replace the word «yourdomain» with the name of your domain or website in Wordpress. Immediately, you must enter your username and password that you have obtained from your web hosting provider. If you do not remember the credentials you can recover your administrator password in Wordpress from CPanel.

Use the application «Multiphp Manager»

Once you have accessed the CPanel, type in the search engine «Multiphp administrator» and select the icon that contains this name. In this application, select the name of the domain or web page that you are going to update.

Update the PHP version

When you have selected your domain name in the «Multiphp Administrator» application, display the «PHP Version» menu. There, choose the latest version of PHP available. Then click on the «Apply» button.

Wait a moment while the application update process is carried out. Later, you will see a message to indicate that the PHP version has been successfully updated.

Wordpress in Cpanel

Check the PHP version update

Update your web page with the «F5» key and check the version of PHP on your site. In this regard, it is convenient that you check if there is any incompatibility with themes or plugins. To achieve this, we recommend using the «Health Check & Troubleshooting» plugin

Use the «Health Check & Troubleshooting» tool

«Health Check & Troubleshooting» is a Wordpress compatibility checking tool that comes as a «plugin» and is completely free. You can install this tool and run it to rule out compatibility flaws after updating the PHP version.

Test your website after updating the PHP version of your page in Wordpress

We also advise you to test your website through the plugin «WP Stagecoach». This is an independent service with which you can create a staging environment in order to find possible problems after making the PHP version change. If at any time you decide, you can deactivate or delete the website in CPanel.

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