How to Update the Software of a Samsung Smart TV? – Easy and Fast (Example)

The world has been counting on the invention for decades TV. Surely if you think about it, you have good memories with your family and friends watching a program, game or series.

This device has turned out to be a great ally in homes because with its entertainment it makes life more bearable. Sure, technology has advanced since the creation of the first televisions since the big brands never stop innovating.

There will always be competition in this market that will motivate continuous innovation in order to make more and more advanced models. Of course, as technology advances it is better to keep updated simultaneously to be attentive with each new version. And in this way to be able to keep our electronic devices updated at home. Many try to turn their old TV into an Android Smart TV to stay up to date.

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If you have a Samsung Smart TV and you do not know how to update the software in this article we will show you how you can do it.

What is a Smart TV?

To begin with, it is good that you familiarize yourself with the term Smart TV or Smart TV and know its function.

Smart TV hanging on the wall

These have internet connection in addition to web 2.0 feature that allow a better interaction with the device. That is, they are those televisions that, in addition to fulfilling their main function of image transmission and reception, include very advanced features such as taking screenshots on your Smart TV equipment, it also allows you, if you wish, to use your Android cell phone as a remote control to your Smart TV, among others. All these and other features that you would commonly see on a computer, but that with the evolution of things you can get on a television.

How to update the software of a Samsung Smart TV quickly and easily?

In order for your Samsung Smart TV to be able to keep itself in optimal functional conditions, you must keep its software always up-to-date.

But how to do it? Below you will see how to update the software in two different ways so that you can choose the one that suits you. One way will allow you to do it directly from the Smart TV via internet and the other way by using a USB.

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Method 1: Directly from the Smart TV via the internet

This option is usually presented in automatic way on the Smart TV, and you would only have to authorize the download update of the new software. For this to take place normally, you must have a good internet connection and, in turn, the correct configuration of this.

Therefore, to make the configuration you will have to select «Home» or «Menu» from the remote control of your Smart TV. Once in the menu with the help of the arrows, proceed to find the option «Red» and after finding it, mark «Ok». Upon entering you will focus on accessing the «Network Configuration» option and thus mark «Ok» and continue.

There you must indicate the type of connection you will use either by Wi-Fi or cable, then select your network or the one you will use. Then the option to enter the password to access your network will appear. Once you enter it, a connection test will be done and voila, you will have configured it.

Method 2: By using a USB

This procedure is much more manual than the previous one, but it is a good alternative if you like mechanical more. First you must access the official Samsung site, search for the model of your Smart TV and select it there.

Within the model of your television you should look for the «User manual and downloads» and select the option «See more content». Then go directly to the option «Downloads» to find within its options the one that says «Upgrade file (USB type)». We recommend selecting the one with a recent date before downloading.

When downloading the new version of the software, you will have to download it or save it on a USB that has enough space for it. Once inside the USB drive you can connect it to your Smart TV to begin the update process.

Turn on your Smart TV and go to the menu to access the «Technical support», you should find the option «Software update». There you will have to choose the option that allows access to the USB drive, after logging in, just select «Update now.» The update process will begin, at the end your Smart TV restarts and after that it will have updated software.

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