How to Update the Software on my MacOS PC to the Latest Version? Step by Step Tutorial (Example)

Although many people decide to stop performing the maintenance of your computer. It is recommended that you always try to update your MacOS PC, since it is an indispensable procedure.

Although the methodology usually seems a bit tedious due to the constant availability of versions available for download, it really provides a large number of benefits, there are many versions of the Mac OS operating system that exist.

The variability of content available in each update offers improvements, solutions to various problems and new functions that increase the productivity of the computer.

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In this way, if you belong to the group of people who want to take advantage of the availability within operating systems, here you will find the easiest way to update your computer.

So you can update your PC MacOs!

The operating system created by Apple is one of the most used worldwide, which has two methodologies to update depending on the version that is being used.

MacOs version of High Sierra, Sierra and El Capitan

This type of system is responsible for notifying each of the updates available on desktop while the user is using the computer.

If for some reason this fails, you can manually access the settings to force the download and installation as follows:

  • It begins by accessing the section of “AppStore”Inside the computer.
  • Once the main screen of the program is displayed, you will be able to see an upper bar that bears the name of «Upgrades”.
  • mac os sierra operating system
  • Click on the button «To update”So that the program begins to download and install the group of updates that are available in the operating system.
  • Once this process has finished, you only need to close the application to finish.

MacOS Mojave version and later

Mojave is considered to be almost one of the latest operating systems that the company decided to launch, and those that are considered superior or subsequent to this, are governed by the same methodology.

Like the previous one, to keep the computer updated to the latest version you only need to access the notification displayed on the screen.

If you want to perform the procedure manually, to ensure that there is no improvement that you have overlooked, you need to do the following:

  • Enter the main Apple menu.
  • The screen will display the menu, where you can find the button that indicates access to «System preferences”.
  • A window will open on your screen, in which you must select the option «Software update”In order to check the status of your computer and its operating system.
  • In the event that you have overlooked any notification, it will be automatically displayed on the screen and you just have to click on «To update”To start the already known procedure.
  • Once no more updates are displayed within the procedure dialog, your computer will be up to date and you only need “Finalize”.

What other aspects improve each time the user updates their computer?

This point is perhaps just as important as the previous one. It is extremely necessary know each of the modifications which are carried out every time we update the MacOs operating system.

mac os jave logo

Applications such as Messages, Mail, Photos, FaceTime, Safari, Calendar, iTunes, and iBooks are constantly changing every time a modification is made. If you run into problems downloading and updating Safari, for example, you have nothing to worry about, you can easily solve it.

This is done automatically, however this does not mean that there are no programs or applications that require a manual procedure to keep them updated. Once you update to the latest version, you just have to enjoy it and get the most out of it. A very curious and interesting fact is that you can update your iPhone software and applications with iTunes from your PC.

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