How to update WhatsApp Contacts on Android or iPhone if they don’t appear? (Example)

WhatsApp Messenger is a messaging app designed to break wireless barriers and allow platform users to maintain communication with their loved ones and relatives. The best thing about the App is that the distance does not matter, since it is only enough to be connected to the internet to establish a connection.

The messaging application started like any other application at the beginning of 2009. However, and although the results expected by its creators were not entirely positive at the beginning, little by little the App began to take over the networks until it became global trend.

Currently WhatsApp Messenger it is responsible for more than 400 thousand conversations a day around the world. Every day more users are added to the social messaging network and it does not require any additional cost to have access to it. You just need to be connected to a Wi-Fi network or you are subscribed to a data plan.

The application stores available for Android and iPhone have made the WhatsApp Messenger platform available to allow users to download it immediately. Of course some updates are required to ensure the correct functioning of the App on the device and maximum enjoyment of your tools.

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The contacts found in the app list They will depend largely on the type of number that the account has, today it is even possible to put emojis in the names of WhatsApp contacts. Having said this, there may be some inconveniences when adding a new contact to the application, although some seek how to send messages without saving the contacts.

It is worth mentioning that the numbers arranged in our mobile device they may not be the same as the ones we can find in our application. And it is that although it is true that we can register any type of information in the mobile contacts, this will not guarantee that they can be used to communicate.

Similarly, it is necessary and important to update WhatsApp contacts, in order for the new changes that have been generated both in the app and in the phone numbers to appear. Due to this, below, we will show you step by step how to do it.

If you have registered a new phone number on your mobile device or have noticed that a contact still does not appear, it may be due to two things:

The first is quite simple, the messaging application may you have not yet updated your contact list so that the new added number appears, and what you can do is the following process:

  • Enter your messaging application and click on the icon “chat” located in the lower right corner (it is a green circle containing a shape similar to a text cloud).
  • You immediately think the contact list what is stored in the app
  • Then, click on the menu “contact list settings”, located in the upper right corner, (three vertical dots).
  • In the menu you will find a small list of options. Choose “upgrade”
  • All your contacts will automatically be updated.

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If you have already tried this method and it still has not been successful, it means that it is another reason.

The contact number may be from a different number than your account, that is, if your account number is for example “American” and your friend’s is a “Spanish” number, you need to add the location code of the other country. Given that not all countries have the same code.

What you need to do is verify if this circumstance is the one that prevents you from establishing communication by this means. Try correct the number along with the code, update the list and try again.

If this is not your case, then verify that the registered number is correctThe tools available on the WhatsApp platform are quite simple, make sure that when making modifications to the list of your contacts you have access to the internet so that the changes made are effective.

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