How to Update Windows Update Agent to the Latest Latest Version – Very Easy (Example)

Agent Windows update is a very useful tool that allows you to keep the operating system updated to extend its useful life.

You may not know it but one of the benefits of this program is that you can use it quickly and easily by creating shortcuts from your Windows 10 system.

However, users have found it necessary to upgrade to the latest version due to various functionality bugs.

Automatically update the Windows Update agent

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Since version 7 of Windows, both the features and the elements are usually updated or renewed through this utility.

However, Windows Update has the particularity of improving its functions in the background, this means that does not need user approval.

People don’t need to know a way to update this utility automatically. The system does it alone, as long as there is a network connection.

Still, Microsoft users can choose to make these changes manually by downloading the Windows Update agent.

Renew the Update version in Windows 8, 8.1

For Windows 8 and 8.1 models, the person must click on the start menu located at the bottom left of the taskbar.

Consequently, you must move the mouse up and locate the option called “Setting”. Then choose «Control Panel«And then in»Windows update”.

Next, the netizen will have to prefer the option “Change settings«, Thanks to which you can press»Important updates”. Then, you must continue and press in the mode «Install automatic updates”.

From there, in the recommended updates section, check the box that says «Offer me recommended updates in the same way that I receive important updates.»

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Finally, the user must click on «To accept”And wait for the process to finish in case the system warrants making any changes.

Update version of Update in Windows 7, Vista and XP

In this case and for versions 7, Vista and XP of the Microsoft operating system, the Windows Update agent must be restarted.

To achieve this, the user must press a combination of commands, these are the Windows Key «Wn + R”To open the“Run”.

Inside the blank field, the netizen must write “services.msc”And press“Enter”To access the service administration console.

In it, the user has to identify the one that corresponds to Windows Update, and then right-click on it and press «Stop”.

If it is running on Windows XP, the person should choose the option “Automatic Updates«And in this way click on»Stop”.

Consequently, the user must reverse the process using the aforementioned steps, that is, right-click on the service and then on «Start”.

Of course, in the case of the XP version, it will be necessary to click again with the right mouse button on Windows Update, then on “Automatic Updates» and finally «Start”.

Fix update agent errors in Windows 10

If the version to work is 10, the Windows Update agent usually presents an error mainly when the system is in its default form.

You will find occasions when you will have problems with the Windows 10 system that will prevent the Windows Update system from working properly, but do not worry that error is easy to solve.

Making it impossible for the service to function correctly, and causing the user to have problems obtaining a more recent version of the Microsoft OS.

configuration settings interface

To correct this problem, the netizen must access “Control Panel”From the Windows search bar, typing its name.

When the person enters this configuration center, he must click on the option «Problem solving”Located at the bottom.

This will bring up a new window with other settings, including «Security system«Which has a link that says»Fix problems with Windows Update”.

By doing this, the system will proceed to find any issues with the Windows Update agent and correct them so that it can function properly.

Updating your Windows Update program may not be so easy because many times you will find that it will keep looking for updates which will bring problems, since the whole computer will freeze, but do not worry because that update error is easy to fix.

Whatever your version of Windows Update is, sometimes you can find the error 0 x 80240034, it is a common error of the program that tends to cause many inconveniences but it is easy to solve.

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