How to Upgrade or Change Windows 10 from 32 Bit to 64 Bit – Quick Guide

It is very common to have a desktop computer or a laptop in our homes or workplaces, if your purchase was recent, try it that you have the Windows 10 operating system, which has several versions. But, for work, student, or merely entertainment reasons, we must handle applications that are heavy enough and that delay their process.

This is because we are using a Windows that has 32 bits, and this type of application requires Windows with 64 bits, for its correct operation. Do not wait any longer, here in Look How It Is Done, we will explain how you can make this change in Windows.

Differences between 32 and 64 bits

Well, if you are not very detailed and you only use your PC for ordinary tasks that do not require much effort, you will not notice any kind of difference. But, on the other hand, if your work is more demanding or your entertainment requires more fluency this will change everything.

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Since having a Windows 10 system with the 64-bit version, all applications and programs will run more fluently And not only that, you will be able to open several programs simultaneously without any problem, which would be the opposite when using 32 bits, since fluency and entertainment would be more affected.

64-bit graphical regression

What should I take into account to update my operating system?

The first thing you should do is inform yourself if your computer is Version 32 or 64 bits, so you can receive this type of updates, why should I do it? It is very simple, computers have 32 or 64 bit processors in their already predetermined components.

Therefore, if you have a 32-bit processor, upgrade Windows to a 64-bit one, generate problems at the time of use, since it does not have hardware trained for that. To find out, follow these steps:

  1. You must go to the desktop and press the right mouse button on the «PC» icon.
  2. After that, you must select the option that says «properties», generally this is among the last in the list.
  3. Then in the window that opens you must press where it says «type of system«which is at the top of the window.
  4. Already in it you will be able to see both the Windows that it has installed, as the processor it has, both will be with their respective 32 or 64 bits.

Another thing to take in the gutter is have a RAM that is greater than 4GB, since this works when there are 32 bits, but to update to 64 it is necessary to use a higher one.

Once these steps occur, you will be able to continue using your Windows in a normal way, but this time you will notice a little more flow in terms of speed and speed it means. When downloading any type of program, it is best to download its 64-bit version.

Should I buy a license?

Well, as good news, I come to tell you that Windows 10 ignores Regarding this, therefore we will not have to buy a new license, we will only need to format the existing partition and activate our new operating system to make use of it. All this when all the requirements are done by legitimate routes.

In which cases it is recommended to use 64 or 32 bits of Windows 10

The chose it depends purely on the processor that our PC contains. Everything is based on the capacity and power when processing or storing all kinds of information. It is important to take into account that both use a completely binary language, which means in a few words that they use only two digits for information management. We could say that a 64-bit processor works perfectly if it is enabled with an operating system as powerful as its processor.

For this, we recommend use a processor that is directly adapted to the capacity of your PC. And install the one according to its characteristics, for example, if your processor is 32-bit, it is usual to install Windows 10 32-bit. This will first guarantee the optimal functioning of your PC and second will allow it to develop and send its data perfectly. Remember also that its operation depends on the RAM memory. Therefore, analyze your needs and the capabilities of your device well when making this decision.

use usb to update windows 64 bit

Advantages of Windows 10 64-bit

One of the main advantages is that thanks to its large processor capacity the tTime set for data exchange is much less. Which translates into a maximum level of operation and efficiency. At the same time, it stores as much data as possible outside of this process in its storage memory, that is, in RAM and not directly on the hard disk.

This version in recent years it has become very popular due to its excellent performance. For example, from here you can handle a fairly high volume of data which means that it can use up to 512GB of RAM. In addition, in terms of its operation, you can keep a greater number of windows and tabs open in parallel without it sticking or permanently affecting its operation. This system offers greater security and allows the use of ideal techniques to prevent viruses from entering the device.

Check if CPU supports 64-bit

It is important to know from the first moment if the PC is compatible with this system. To do this in the first instance you must go to the start menu of the computer. It is usually located in the bottom bar of the screen on the left side, known for having the Windows icon and its characteristic colors: Blue, green, yellow and orange. Next you must click on the section called control panel.

There at the top of the screen a box of search identified by having a gray magnifying glass. Next you are going to write device information and tools and proceed to press the enter key to start the search. Immediately you will be given a list of results, you will select the option of information and performance tools that is what interests us. In the window that will start, select the option to view and print detailed information about the system and its performance. Then click on the system tab and then on system type. In this window, all the characteristics of the system will be shown and you will be able to check if it is compatible or not with this system.

Steps to upgrade my Windows to 64 bit

Once we have the requirements listed above, we can upgrade operating system from 32 bit to 64 bit in Windows 10 as follows:

  1. The first thing we should have on hand is a USB with at least 4 GB of available memory
  2. Go to the official Microsoft page and download the version of Windows 10 x64, which is equivalent to 64 bits. Which we are going to save on our USB or CD
  3. We just have to insert said USB into our PC, and start running the system as ordered by the program, always adapting to all the options related to Windows 64 bits.
  4. The same program will be the in charge of formatting the existing partition, thus getting rid of the previously installed 32-bit Windows. Also if necessary you can create a partition in Windows 10.
  5. Once this installation is finished, we will have the service ready to use

Is it possible to go from 32 bit to 64 bit without formatting?

Microsoft does not allow this procedure without formatting the PC because this is a quite complex architecture change that with just one update we can change from one operating system to another. This means that if the most important data is not backed up in the procedure, we will lose it in the process of change. Remember that this data can be stored on a removable disk or on another hard disk. So that in this way you can ensure that your data will continue to remain there after completing the procedure.

Added to this the data of games, matches and other installations on the PC will be completely deleted. Even the programs you installed after that. Take the necessary precautions to avoid a bad time or a significant loss of your device. Since this is generally not recoverable in any way, the data is completely removed from the PC and can never be viewed on the PC.

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