How to upgrade the hardware of my old PC and what to buy to improve it? – Definitive Guide

In the computer world there are many myths about the components that you must acquire in order to optimize an old computer. That is why we have taken the trouble to develop a quick guide for you to learn how to upgrade the hardware of an old PC without hassle. Go for it!

In general, few users dare to improve an old computer that no longer meets your current needs. Most prefer to go to the store to buy a new computer, since this way they can avoid making a mistake when choosing the right components to improve the current PC.

However, later we will show you that if possible upgrade an old computer without needing to be an expert. Basically as you read this post, you will find what aspects you should take into account to update the hardware of your PC according to the use you want to give it.Keep reading!

Update the Hardware of my PC to work from home

Now if you are an average user you just need increase speed with which the computer works for some work programs, then you should be calm, since fortunately, you will not have to buy and install many components.

Upgrade my PC hardware to work from home

The first thing will be to expand the computer storage capacity with a storage device, such as a new additional 200GB SSD and you should also buy a 4GB RAM which will suffice. On the other hand, if you want to go deeper then you should pay attention to the fact that the processor has at least two cores.

PC for gamers

If you have a old computer and you want to update it To be able to play current video games more fluently, then we recommend that you focus on the processor. Specifically, you could choose a second-generation processor from AMD, since both its price and quality are quite balanced. Although if you like to play online it is always good to weigh whether it is better to play from a gamer PC or from the console.

As for the graphics card, we remind you that it must be in the same line as the processor, since the idea is have a balance between almost all the components of our computer. If you know the types of graphics card and their characteristics, you can choose the ideal one.

An example of this is the following: if you plan to play Fortnite on a high definition 60 Hz monitor, then you will not need to leave all the money on an Nvidia RTX Geforce 2080 card whose price is around 900 euros. In that case it will not be worth the expense, since with those conditions, you simply would not be taking advantage of the potential of this component.

Now, regarding the RAM We suggest that you do not buy one that exceeds 16GB, since 8GB will be more than enough. The really important thing is the frequencyas this indicates how fast the RAM is working. The higher the frequency, the better however remember that the average is around 3000 MHz.

Graphic design and photography editing

In this case the hardware upgrade it will be focused on improving the RAM memory and the video card. In this way you will be able to work without problems with the best programs to edit photos, and applications that allow you to use the rendering option and the editing of good quality photos and videos.

Adapt my old PC to edit photos

In addition, we must emphasize that you must have a RAM memory of at least 8GB and a powerful GPU so that you can perform several demanding tasks at the same time without your PC dying in the attempt.

On the other hand, it is also important to take into account what is the maximum frequency that our motherboard supports, since in this way we can get the most out of it to the capacity of our computer.

For example, you should know that all 32-bit operating systems the maximum they support is a 4GB RAM card. In the case that you need to use a higher capacity RAM, then you will have to install a 64-bit operating system.

Regarding the video card, first of all you must know in detail the CPU power, as not all video cards are compatible with the rest of the components for computers.

In fact, there are pages on the internet that allow us to enter the model of our CPU, GPU and RAM memory capacity to ensure that we will be making the most of the potential of our PC.

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