How to Upload Files and Provide Additional Information in a PayPal Dispute (Example)

If you have issues with PayPal, we will guide you so that you can upload files that provide additional information in a dispute with PayPal. So that you can satisfactorily resolve the incident. It would be good to first consider its beginnings and how it works.

PayPal Holdings, Inc was initially founded under the name of Confinity In 1998, in March 2000, it merged with another company at the level of online banking; the following year in 2001, after this merger, it was renamed PayPal.

Then the eBay company, in 2002, realizes that 50% of its customers made their payments through PayPal. He even excelled at sending and receiving money, so he decided to buy it. It was stiff competition for eBay’s own system. The main headquarters are located in California.

How does the PayPal business work?

It is a company that has become a well-known online payment alternative worldwide. So it will be very useful if you incorporate it as a payment button on your website. You will be able to multiple operations, to personal and business account. With both you can send and receive payments.

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Too you can buy items online, through mobile phones or directly in stores. In addition, payments can be made with a debit, credit card, a bank account, with the balance of your PayPal account. Although it is not limiting, since you can have a Paypal account without a credit card. Also, you can send and request payments to family or friends.

With the business or company account, it basically works to sell services and products, allowing its employees to have access to certain functions of the same; the company will charge a commission on both accounts with different amounts.

Why are disputes filed in PayPal?

Disputes in PayPal can come from different causes. One of them is from the paypal service itself when you have a security problem with your access codes, if you want more information, consult the section “Conditions of Use and security” on Paypal.

Disputes can also be filed between users, then it is done in the section of “Protection of the cPayPal Buyer and PayPal Seller Protection “, the idea is that both the buyer and the seller solve the problem in a friendly way.

The time to resolve is twenty days, if this is not done, then go to claim statusThis is where PayPal intervenes in the investigation of the fact, and makes a decision; therefore, there are differences between what is a dispute and a claim.

How to upload files and provide additional information in a PayPal dispute?

If you want to start a dispute or answer it, the first thing is to go to the PayPal page and start our account, then we go to the options “Help> Resolution Center” and then in “Action of each restriction step”, we click on “Solve”.

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Now, click on “Upload files”. To continue with a click on “Examine”It is here where you begin to attach all the necessary files with the name, type of evidence, and its description. Then click on “Attach” and finally, click on “Send files to PayPal”.

We should mention that, each of these disputes, have a reasonable time or term, to respond and solve the problem; therefore, each limit that shares have must be taken into account.

No more files can be added. When a dispute has passed to a claim. Therefore, you must contact the PayPal company via the web or any other means. To tell you what to do when entering the new information and files for the dispute.

Finally, we can conclude that the online service of PayPal is beneficial for many users, as it facilitates the transactions that at some point you need to use; We have also seen that in the different activities there are time limits that must be respected to avoid future problems, especially at the level of a dispute.

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