How to Upload my Tax Documents and Digital SAT Stamps in DIDI – Step by step

Just like Uber pays taxes, Didi requires to have our tax documents in order. Therefore, below, we will show you what is the process with which you will learn how to upload my tax documents and digital stamps of the SAT in DIDI – step by step, and in this way be up to date on the legal aspects with the SAT platform.

What is the SAT and digital stamps

Mexican citizens are very aware of the SAT, in any case, if you have doubts in relation to it, here we comment. The SAT refers to Service tax administration, a body founded in 1997, complies with common tax standards nationwide.

The SAT ensures that each national or resident citizen complies with their tax obligations. It is a very important body for any job or company and it is necessary to be registered with it to operate legally.

What is a digital stamp?

The SAT digital stamp is a very important requirement for Didi, but if you are not very aware, you may have doubts about digital stamps. It’s simple, a seal or digital seal certificate is about a file linked to the information present in the SAT.

Why is it recommended to upload tax documents and digital stamps to Didi?

As we pointed out before, it is very important to be registered in the SAT, in turn any worker must pay or comply with tax obligations. Given this, it is normal that companies of the caliber of Didi require this information over time.

app didi driver

In fact, it is necessary for the reduction and proper payment of taxes. For this reason, if you plan to register with Didi Food or Didi Deliverer, you must take this into account to comply with what is required by law.

Upload tax documents and digital stamps of the SAT in DIDI

  • The first thing you should do is access the specified website to upload the documents. To do this, access through the following link Didi upload documents.
  • Once you are on the website shown above, the system will ask you enter your phone number. For this you must select the area code of your country and write the number. After this, write your passwords and click on the button “Confirm”.
  • Depending on the nation you are in, you may also be asked for a code. This code will arrive on your mobile phoneTherefore, you must be pending and enter it if necessary.
  • The page should then take you right into the space to add your documents. If not, just click on the button “Add documents”.
  • On the right side of your screen, a small form will be displayed that you must fill in with the data that is requested. First, you will be asked for your legal name, then write your name as it appears on your identity documents.
  • Normally, various information is required, for example, in the case of Mexico, the RFC (Federal Taxpayers Registry). Write this code exactly as it appears in your documents. In turn, information such as “Tax regime” it should appear between the documents.
  • After the above, your password will then be required. On the other hand, you must also provide the CSD, that is, your Digital Seal Certificate, as specified by the SAT (Tax Administration Service).

upload sat didi documents

Wait for the information to be reflected

After uploading all the information shown before, click on the option provided to confirm. You should be aware that you may have to wait before this information be reflected in your account.

Just as there is a delay in the time it takes for DIDI Food to activate an account after registering, uploading documents also requires some patience. In turn, if you have a problem, you can contact DIDI customer service or support.

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