How to use Adobe Acrobat online for free from your browser

Who has not ever used a PDF? It is a very popular file type, especially for those documents that we do not want to be altered. The Adobe company has given us not very pleasant surprises, such as the elimination at the end of 2020 Flash extensions. But being one of the leading companies in the world of computing, you never leave your customers stranded.

Seeing the rise of other applications that emulate PDF file processes, Adobe has launched the Adobe Acrobat online version, that can be used from any browser, within which you can:

  • Convert to PDF: make a PDF file.
  • Compress PDF: reduce the size of your PDF.
  • PDF to JPG or other image formats
  • Export PDF: convert PDF files to Microsoft Office or other formats.
  • Combine files: combine multiple PDFs into one.
  • Share: to send a PDF file to other users.
  • Fill & Sign – To fill out forms and add signatures.
  • Delete pages from your PDF.

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How to use Adobe Acrobat online?

To use Adobe Acrobat online you must first go to the web There you have four ways to enter:

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  • Through your Google or Facebook account.
  • Through your Apple account.
  • Can login as a new user and create your Adobe account. They are the common simple steps that are requested everywhere.
  • If you are almost certain that you are going to pay for the application, there is a way to enter a one week free trial, where they ask for your email and payment information. The first subscription is made a week after accepting the test.

Once inside, you can use the Adobe Acrobat application you needEither by dragging and dropping the file in the box of the desired application or by clicking on the link “select a file”, where a window will open for you to choose your file to modify.

Once the file is modified, Adobe Acrobat gives you a view of it and offers you the option to download it to your PC, share it with other users or print it.

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In Adobe Acrobat you also have a list of documents you have already modified, in case you want to use it again. Adobe Acrobat returns to anticipate again so that we continue to enjoy the variety of functionalities that they offer us. Explore the application and discover that it can help you a lot.

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