How to use and Edit Videos or Photos with VSCO Cam From Android Mobile and PC

For several years now, cell phones stopped being just devices used to communicate with family and friendsToday the vast majority of people are guided when choosing a mobile device by other characteristics. Among the most attractive features that everyone looks for, the mobile can take professional photos with their Smartphone.

vsco you can have a better quality in the photos

Without a doubt we would like to be able to take good photos almost as a professional with the cell phone of the people we love the most, to always have a beautiful memory, another possibility that we also have and are cheaper are the innumerable applications designed for improve the cameras of our mobile. These offer not only improve the camera to capture good images, but also allow us to edit those photos.

Editing photos and videos has become so popular that it is important to know the best tools to achieve this. Join us to discover one of these popular applications available and to know how to use it to edit your photos and videos.

VSCO Cam one of the best App to edit photos and videos

Is interesting application that we are going to be talking about today VSCO Cam, was developed by Visual Supply Company. A company widely recognized for its excellent contributions and good performance in this area of ​​image editing. Now they present an application for Android or iOS mobiles, with tools that will allow you to edit your photos and videos.

This company with VSCO have not only created one more application to edit images, have created the best application. It will turn any mobile device into a true professional camera and a truly impressive image editor. In addition, with this application you will be able to show the changes in photos or videos in the different social networks that you use.

Today it is common to change the styles of the photographs, this mainly to adapt them to the requirements of certain social networks. One of these photographic styles is the Tumblr to edit and it is free, there are also many App and VSCO is one.

Where really VSCO is the best of all applications, is in the amount of filters it provides for editingThis application also has its social network where you can share and see the creations you make with VSCO.

Any good tool is useful if you know how to use it, that’s why we want to help you get the most out of VSCOThen we will show you what are the options it offers to edit your photos and videos with this application.

How to use VSCO to edit what you want?

If what you want is to give life to your photos with some retouching, to share them VSCO is ideal for you, to edit your photos this application offers you a wide variety of tools, but and filters are the best. No other application offers so many good filter combinations to apply to your photos and give them the best finish.

Has a impressive amount of filters you can use, available both in the free version and you can buy more, in turn these filters can be modified both in intensity, as well as be adjusted to different parameters. In addition, it already has the common parameters such as image correction, exposure, contrast, saturation and other more advanced ones.

vsco you can use your filters to change the quality of your image

Regarding video editing, this option was recently added for devices with Android operating system, which was very good without a doubt, To edit the videos open your VSCO App and choose the videos option. Now select the video you want to edit from your gallery, this App does not offer the possibility of recording the videos.

You can only edit one video at a time, in the video editor you will see options similar to photo editing, enter the other menu that appears, select all the presets, there you will find several filters that you can use. Each filter presents several modification options that you must decide which one you want to apply to your video, try some of them.

From this settings menu you can edit the video to your liking, as with photographs VSCO offers varied options, what if it does not change is the result you will always have excellent edits, so enjoy editing your photos and videos.

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