How to Use and Get Free CVS Weekly Offer Coupons on Digital – Step by Step

CVS Pharmacy, or also known as CVS, is a chain of American pharmacies, which has offices throughout the country and even in other countries; It is about large storage capacity stores to offer various products and services to customers.

In addition to providing services such as excellent customer service, and products of different nature, CVS has an offer service through coupons that allow you to save a little more with each purchase. If you want to know more about it, keep reading.

What are CVS Free Weekly Deal Coupons?

Something very common in large chain stores, such as grocery stores or companies with physical product sales, is that they contain a system that promote savings to customers or users in their stores.

In most cases, this saving system is given by means of discount coupons or offer that, although it is not a highly significant amount, saving is possible. And even if it’s a few dollars saved, things get interesting.

CVS Free Weekly Deal Coupons are small savings that can be earned thanks to CVS store sales policies in promotion of the products it offers.

money saved with cvs coupons

There are two ways to get these free coupons from weekly offer CVS, and you will like both because they require no effort.

The first one is the “physical” way, which consists of taking advantage of each step through a store of these and reading your Extracare card through the reader of the “Red machine” to get the coupons that the store can offer you at that time.

The second way is “digital”, and is based on obtaining the free coupons of CVS weekly offer through the internet, in addition to a registration in the CVS official website, procedure that we are going to explain.

How to get free CVS weekly deal coupons in digital? Step by Step

The first thing to consider for the process of obtaining free coupons CVS weekly offer in digital are as follows requirements that we must have on hand.

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Internet: this is a key factor. You should search the CVS website for coupons. A fast internet is essential for these types of prizes, because they are sometimes limited in quantity. When entering the page you need a browser that has access to it

If you do not want to enter this website, but through an app, you can download it from your phone or mobile in the Play Store.

In case you don’t know, CVS / pharmacy stores routinely grant the famous rewards card (Extracare) to its customers, especially those who regularly consume in its facilities.

This card has many benefits, and one of them is obtaining free CVS coupons weekly, which can be obtained on the aforementioned official website. This page is, and once in it, you just have to register with the Extracare card and that’s it.

From then on you will start receive offers from CVS on a weekly basis, like free coupons, also considered savings coupons, as is the process in other stores such as Sam’s Club.

How to use CVS free weekly deal coupons?

Now, we already know how these coupons are obtained, and the following is how we are going to use them. So we must remember what these free coupons are for; and the simplest answer is to save.

pharmacy personal cvs to get coupons

Saving is one of the reasons we want free CVS coupons. There is a well-known coupon and it is the $ 20 coupon, and for each time a week this amount is consumed in a CVS store, the Savings obtained from the coupon will be $ 4.

A recommendation to obtain more free coupons, with greater savings, is through the scanning Extracare cards in the coupon machine in each store.

Another CVS saving method is through the subscription to your emails, so that coupons arrive weekly from 20% and up to 30% discount.

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