How to Use and Get the Most Out of Google Maps – Secret Tips and Tricks

Since GPS technology has been available to citizens, it has become a great ally in perfecting the transit of routes, so that people and means of transport can get from one point to another in the fastest and safest way.

Each renewal of this important tool brings with it elements that are interesting and important to know and explore. Different tech companies like Windows, Apple and Google They have developed applications of this type to provide their users with a better experience.

The transcendent Google Maps

Without a doubt, of all the entities that have tried to position themselves as the best in the development of this technology, Google has an incredible advantage, due to the high rate of improvement of this tool.

The transcendent Google Maps

This server provides satellite imagery and tracing tools for know which is the best route to reach your destination point, either walking, cycling, transportation or private car.

Featured Features

This application does not stay in basic functions. Over the years it has been improving and evolving, having a considerable impact on the commercial field. This is because, in the route from one place to another, it will be possible for you to visualize or appreciate places of interest.

Along the way, Google Maps will let you know places such as: restaurants, hotels, parks, cafes, bars, banks, service stations and any other type of commercial establishment, park or tourist attraction.

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The estimation of time to go from your departure point to your destination is another of the attractions that this application has, important in situations in which you must calculate the time to get to a place on time.

Google maps and tools

Google Maps “hides” a series of spectacular tools to provide a better experience to its users when using them. So that you can squeeze your most attractive options one hundred percent, here you will have a series of recommendations:

  • Save personal routes: For future walks or remembering which is the ideal way to get to a certain place, you can make use of the option “Your places” and mark important or interesting places for another time. You can also share it with contacts or import them.
  • Street view: Considered one of the best tools that Google Maps makes available, it will allow you to have a better view of the streets, squares or parks. In this way, when visiting a certain place, you will be able to have visual references so as not to get lost. This option also has a 360-degree view, which would make it easier for you to familiarize yourself with the area.
  • Transport: When choosing a route to reach a destination, Google Maps will ask you to indicate your means of transport. If in your case, you must use public transport, the application could offer you more details regarding the operating hours and the route you would take when moving, for example, on a bus.

Exploring your current location

If you have recently moved and want to know a little more about the area without having to leave home aimlessly, you can use Google Maps for this. This will help you to locate from ATMs, gyms, even fast food outlets.

Exploring your current location

Do you need expressways?

Google Maps, through the option interface “traffic”, you will be able to know how congested a road can be, so that, take the necessary precautions to select an alternative route and arrive on time for classes, work or an appointment.

Organized stops

If you need to go from one place to another and know the distance and time it will take to get to each of them, you can use the “Measure distance” tool from Google maps. In this way, you will be able to select the points between one destination and another to end by indicating the distance between each of them.

Offline maps

One of the few criticisms that this application could have is the use or consumption of browsing data. However, the solution came with the possibility of being able download maps for offline use. In this way you will be able to follow the route that will take you to the indicated destination without having to be connected.

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