How To Use Facebook From My Smart TV | Step by step guide

If you have a Smart TV, but you are having a hard time enjoying your account on Facebook. Quiet.! Here you will learn how to open and use Facebook on your Smart TV. And as always, we will explain it to you in simple language.

Smart TV and social networks

Every time technology advances by expanding functions to equipment. And televisions were not far behind. So, little by little we no longer depend so much on the computer. However, we continue to depend on social media. This is where this team plays a very important role in staying connected.

the main menu of the smart tv with applications

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It should be borne in mind that, a large part of the Smart TV equipment already has by default applications already preloaded, including Facebook. If you don’t have it, just search for applications, games or your social network to download and install it. Shortly, we will explain the step-by-step method to access Facebook on your Smart tv.

Advantages of using Facebook from my Smart TV

  • You will see everything bigger: The screens of televisions are much larger than those of mobiles, so using Facebook from a Smart TV provides a better multimedia experience:
  • Excellent to share with your family: Related to the previous point, if you want to show a video or Facebook content to your family, a Smart TV will do this better than mobile phones.
  • Useful in the event that your mobile breaks down: If your mobile is damaged, you can use Facebook from your Smart TV, something that can undoubtedly help in emergencies, at least until you buy a new mobile.
  • Enter the browser of the Smart tv.
  • In the menu that appears at the bottom, go to the box internet.
  • In the navigation bar type
  • Later you must enter your name Username and you password.
  • Being inside the account, go to the left column and select the item ‘watc ‘. This option will allow you to enjoy Facebook Watch, which includes playing the videos you want with just taps’play ‘.
  • You can view the videos of channels that appear as a list in the left column. This covers uploaded videos.

Methods to install Facebook on your Smart TV

Install and use Facebook from a Smart TV is usually simple. Let’s analyze the ways to install this social network on your smart TV.

From an app store

Most Smart TVs are Android and own the app store from Google and if not, then surely there is a space to get the Basic Apps. From this place you can download and then use Facebook from the Smart TV without problems. Simply enter the Play Store or specialized store and there you will find the Facebook App.

use Facebook from Smart TV

With the Facebook APK on a USB

Some Smart TVs allow you to use Pendrives and view their content. If for some reason you cannot install Facebook in the conventional way, you can try downloading an APK and installing it through the pendrive. Remember that you can also try to send the APK from your cell phone with the functions of sending files.

How to install Facebook on the Smart tv

If you are a frequent user of this social network and you want to install it and link it to your Smart tv, we will show you how to do it. To do this, you must consider certain requirements. You must make sure you have updated your device with the latest software update and internet connection of course!

Requirements review

  • On your Smart tv go to settings. Scroll to option ‘Advanced configuration’.
  • In the reflected box you will look for the icon ‘net’. There you can confirm that you are really connected to the internet. If you do not comply with this option, do not worry, you just have to do a simple configuration to connect it to the internet.
  • In the same box. Go to the ‘iconGeneral’. Scroll down to the last line and select ‘About this TV ‘. There it will show if the software version is up to date. To make sure if it is up to date, you can press the button ‘Search for updates’.

Steps to install Facebook Watch on the Smart tv

  • We sail in the main menu of your Smart tv. And select the Store that your team has to search for the application. Example: If you have an LG, it would be LG Content Store. You also have the alternative of using the Google Play Store to search for the application.
  • In the range of applications, we choose Facebook Watch. Pressing the ‘more’ button reveals many details of the application. Includes screenshot to see its functions already installed.
    the facebook watch application on the smart tv
  • We click on the button ‘install’. And we wait for the message that the application has been installed is reflected.
  • In this step, we already have it integrated into the Smart tv. The next time you want to start, you just go to the applications menu. And you will find Facebook watch with direct access.

Link personal Facebook account to Smart tv

  • Select option ‘Log in ‘. And then in ‘continue’. We wait for it to load.
  • A message will appear inviting you to enter Facebook and enter with a code that it will provide you.
  • At this point we suggest entering on a computer or mobile. AND we started session from our Facebook account.
  • The screen displays the message to enter the code. Write it down and press’continue’.
  • A message will appear from Facebook Watch linking to the Smart tv. You press the ‘continue as button … ‘. Then you will find a notification that says’Ready’.
  • From this moment you can go to your Smart tv..!

Following step by step, from now on you will be able to enjoy the service that this social network offers you. It’s very easy and fast. If you have a problem and your device is LG, you can go to support for the Facebook watch application. We would like to know your opinion, you can leave us your comments.

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