How to use Loco Translate to Translate Themes and Plugins in WordPress

Use Loco Translate Correctly it is necessary for themes and plugins in WordPress, when using Loco Translate it is usually configured incorrectly by editors, losing the translation work done, in addition to the time used to translate themes and plugins.

In order not to waste more time by using Loco Translate incorrectly, we will explain how to use Loco Translate to translate themes and plugins the right way, with telling you certain settings and methods of saving what is translated, read on.

How to use Loco Translate to translate WordPress themes and plugins?

The first thing you must do to use Loco Translate is to install this plugin from the ‘Plugins’ option on your WordPress page; and then you have to click start once you have it installed.

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First we go to the themes or themes, and then we continue with the plugins. Using Loco Translate correctly is essential for your page; With the benefits of this plugin you will be able to use the translation in the best way, which is good when configuring the reading settings.

To use Loco Translate on topics, we must select what are the topics we want to translate; the theme or template that we do not need to translate, we simply remove or uninstall it.

The next thing we will do is click on those topics, and then on ‘New language’. We are going to mark the section ‘Select system’. This is done so that the theme is saved inside the computer, and you do not lose it.

use loco translate to translate themes plugins wordpress

To save the theme that is translated with Loco Translate, we must follow the sequence inside our WordPress folder: ‘sp-content> languages> themes’; this route will ensure that you do not lose the translation changes. In a similar way it is done with the changes of the plugins.

How to use Loco Translate to translate plugins in WordPress?

After selecting the system to save the changes, we must proceed to choose a language in WordPress and we will give click on ‘Start translating’. Everything translated with Loco Translate will be kept in FTP folders and there will be permanent access to those changes made in ‘Themes’.

That is how simple it is to use Loco Translate for the translation arrangements that we want to add to the themes or templates; However, this process can also be applied to translate plugins in WordPress.

To do this we must go to ‘Home’ of Loco Translate, we will select any of the plugins that we have on our WordPress page, and We will click on ‘New language’.

At this point we will apply the same process explained above, but instead of go directly to ‘languages’, we are going to click on the folder of the plugin in question. Inside this we will look for the language folder, and there we will save the change of the new language that we will add.

Finally, it only remains to create the plugin translation with the selected language and save changes within the WordPress page. In this way, no translation will be lost of the changes generated in the plugins or of the themes.

Why use Loco Translate to translate WordPress themes and plugins?

Use Loco Translate to translate themes and plugins It is one of the best options we can consider, remember that blogs or pages need to be translated in certain parts; And also keep in mind that performing all these actions is always better to install WordPress on the computer.

The Loco Translate plugin is very easy to obtain, just by entering the Plugins option and searching within its search bar, you can get it and install it easily.

loco translate translate themes plugins

In addition, the different options that this plugin presents are excellent, not only being able to translate plugins and themes, but also a series of options and sections of your website, which users who enter it will know how to thank you.

The operation or application of the plugin is very simple, in addition, it gives you the option to manage the different functions from FTP or system files on your computer, in order to have more security when backing up and obtaining information from your page.

It is important that you learn to use this plugin correctly, so that you do not run the risk of losing the translation that Loco Translate offers, and you can keep the changes when translating WordPress plugins and themes.

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