How to Use Mail Drop to Send Large Files by Email? (Example)

Learning how to use Mail Drop to send large files is very beneficial for organizations that work with very long reports, metrics, or calculations. Because it is a platform that facilitates the management of large-scale documents.

Another way that companies use to work with files online is through Office Online, a Microsoft package that allows you to create Word, PowerPoint, and Excel jobs and share them online.

At the same time, Mail Drop can work with Apple systems or be manipulated by iCloud. Everything is a matter of the demands and needs of consumers when using it.

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A crucial piece of information is to know that the documents sent can be received from any address or email, either Gmail or Outlook. However, there are other brands that want to include or sync with the tool.

If you have a Gmail account, you don’t have to resort to other programs to send large files, since with Gmail you have the ability to send large files.

Fast and easy! So you can use Mail Drop to send large files

The main thing is to get out of your mind that the tool is very annoying or problematic, since it is quite friendly and easy. What is there to be careful is in the compatibility of the files linked. For this reason, follow this step by step to the letter and know all the variables to use Mail Drop to send large files:

Enter the platform

The user will have to go to a pop-up menu of Actions, this will be found in the side toolbar. Then, locate and select the button that says “preferences”.

Hang the document

Immediately, the platform will display other commands where you will have to press the button «Drafting”. A new list will appear, where the following path will have to be followed: «Use Mail Drop to send large files> Upload document> OK«.

Tips to keep in mind

Prior to use Mail Drop To send large files it is very important to identify and know these tips to improve the experience, among them are:

  • You can select one or more documents at the same time, only they have to be uploaded simultaneously, that is, at the same time.
  • In case the document is very heavy, the platform will issue an information box to request that the document be supported by Mail Drop.
  • The first one is that when using Mail Drop to send large files, it is necessary to create a new message and attach the linked document.
  • The load is a bit slow, more if it is files that have a weight greater than 154 MB. Charging times are approximately 20 to 40 minutes maximum, clearly internet connectivity must be stable.
  • In case of not having a stable connection, the waiting times can be prolonged up to more than 2 hours.

In addition to Mail Drop, there are also other programs that help you fulfill the task of sending large or heavy files by mail, such as WeTransfers or other alternatives.

These are the limits you did not know about the tool

As with any platform, Mail Drop has some limitations that many users are unaware of. Among the most important limits are the following:

  • Messages, files or documents cannot exceed 5 GB, so these elements must be sent in parts or be transmitted in another way.
  • It does not allow the attachment of a folder that has not been compressed in the process, so express care must be taken here.
icloud app
  • Mail Drop handles a limit on the emission of messages In other words, the same email cannot include more than 50 recipients, otherwise it will not allow delivery.
  • Regarding internal storage, the platform has approximately 1 TB at most. This cannot be expanded, if you want to, you have to resort to an external platform.
  • Messages usually take a while by the weight of the document, so to do the verification it is necessary to wait 20 to 30 minutes. Although in the case of items with more than 154 MB, the ideal is to wait an hour and a half.

If you have an iPhone device, you may be interested to know that you can download applications that allow you to open all types of files.

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