How to Use the Map in Rust – Learn to Change and Choose Maps

Being a new player on the Rust platform involves many things that go beyond just playing and exploring only the entire way.

One downside for new players is the not knowing the various characteristics of the video game, limiting them to exploiting the possibilities they can create within this platform.

In fact, within the Rust and Steam community it has become common to receive questions related to the diversity of maps that exist within the game, and the possibility of changing them for the benefit of the player’s purpose.

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Fortunately, today you can discover through this simple guide the various types of map that exist within this popular game and how you can change them.

What skins in Rust allow map switching?

Due to the rise of Rust’s new Spanish server, the popularity of its platform has increased significantly, even taking into account the years of launch that it had within Steam.

In this way, every day more users join its community and seek the various possibilities that they can generate through its platform.

gamer rust survival

That is why each player must take into account that whether they have any server in Spanish or work through Egoland, one of the most popular in the world, they have the possibility to change maps where you can deploy your game.

What settings should you apply for the map change?

Within each Rust server you can know the information provided by the maps, which characterize its size, function, obtaining and design of elements that favor the player.

The first of these aspects is the server level, known within the platform as «Server.level», which identify the type of map the player is working with.

Next, each user will be able to find the seeds or «Seeds», a term widely used within the game, which is the representation of generation of elements offered by each map.

Finally, there is the size of the world or «Worldsize», which is the dimension based on which the map is displayed. Its value generally varies between 1000-6000 in amplitude.

Types of maps that exist in Rust

Each of the maps that can be used within the platform are files that have the ability to be configured, in order to enable terrain change.

Generally, these types of adjustments cannot be obtained through the Steam store, as it had to be done to acquire Rust, but generally the data established above can be found on pages such as Beacan.

It should be noted that there is a wide variety of soils, or islands, that can be established by users to adjust the survival of the game in favor of their interests, but that, nevertheless, each of these maps is subjected to a default setting that classifies these terrains.

Map ‘Procedural’

This type of terrain is the set by default by the game, which occupies the dimensions mentioned above, which range between the values ​​of 1000 and 6000.

There are several maps that have this feature, so to be able to configure a new model of this type, all you have to do is change the “Seeds” data that you have and place the name of the land you want to implement in the “Server.level” section. .

Map ‘Barren’

Like the previous one, it is a very common type of map applied to the various types of islands that are enabled to play Rust, with the difference that this model not set by default by platform.

rust game map

The difference between one and the other is that the “Barren” maps occupy a very small amount of seeds, which is why their generation of elements is relatively limited.

However, it has characteristics that make it a model highly demanded by gamers, such as the delimited presentation of herbs along the ground.

You should know that this platform has a wide variety of terrains that fulfill a certain function, so it will be enough to navigate a little to find the one that suits your needs.

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