How to View and Access Google Drive Files Without Internet Connection

The internet has completely changed the world we live in, nowadays we have become dependent on this tool and its functions. This thanks to the fact that it is a very practical tool, with which we can carry out any type of task.

With the passage of time this dependency increases even more, as we have very advanced tools which are accessible if we have Internet connection. Such is the case of the cloud, which serves as a storage memory for our documents on the internet.

Through configurations we can choose which data we want to save and which not, this is a very good function, since we can access this data wherever we are. As long as we have an internet connection and a device capable of executing these functions.

What is Google Drive and what is it for?

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Currently there are many companies that offer this service online storageOne of the most famous is Google Drive, developed by the Google company. It is currently very famous on devices with Android operating system.

The functionality of this tool is one of the best that we can find available, to access all its functions the only requirement is to have a Google account. We can create this account in a very easy way.

Once created we can enter the platform, we can do it from multiple platforms. Such as devices with Android operating system, such as desktop computers, from the Chrome browser for a better experience.

Similarly, Google Drive has a wide variety of tools which give us a better experience when carrying out any type of editing task. All this without having to use additional applications, since we do everything from the web platform.

With Google Drive we can have document editors like Google Docs that you can use offline, Spreadsheets and other types of document editors. Likewise, we have synchronization options, where we can synchronize all or some documents and files that we have on our devices with Google Drive.

This allows us create backups of our documents, which we can access whenever we want. But since Google Drive is a tool that only works with internet access, it happens when we don’t have a connection.

In this article, we will learn the steps we need to follow to view and access Google Drive files without an internet connection.

Steps to access Google Drive files without internet connection from my PC

It should be noted that in order to access Google Drive files without an internet connection, we must first make a setting. To carry out this configuration we will need an internet connection.

The first step that we must follow to be able to see the files that we have saved in Google Drive is to access the Google Chrome browser. Once here, we must log in with our Google account.

In the upper right corner of the screen we will enter our account with our username and password. Once we have our Google account open, we must go to the search bar located at the top of the screen.

There, we must go to the official Google Drive site. In this way we will enter the Google Drive web platform. Specifically to the section of «General settings».

Drive configuration screen

For the next step we must go to the section «Without connection», and we will mark the box located to the right of it. Now, we only have to synchronize our Google Drive files with our computer.

For this we must access Google Drive, specifically through this link. As soon as you access it, you must click on «Download backup and sync». A download process will begin, we must be patient until it is finished.

Now we just have to access the installed application and log in with our Google account. We choose the files that we want to back up, ready we can access it without an internet connection.

Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we would like to hear your opinion. Have you been able to access your Google Drive files without an internet connection? Leave us your answer in the comments.

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