How to View and Check Ping and FPS in PUBG Easily – Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

Through the following guide we will teach you how to see and check Ping and FPS in PUBG easily – Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. This way you can focus to get the best performance in this popular video game.

What is ping?

Ping refers to the latency in a connection, specifically refers to the delay of the packets. This latency is specifically the time it takes for information to be transmitted from our computer to the destination network. This measurement is carried out in milliseconds and the lower they are, the better the connection between our computer and the server.

When the lag is too high, a so-called “lag” sensation is created and in extreme cases it is impossible to play. The standards regarding ping are varied, even so, it is recommended to have a ping less than 200. In fact, it is always sought to have the lowest result, being a latency less than 100 ms the most recommended.

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Given this, it will be necessary to take certain measures to improve the ping in PUBG or any other game. Keep in mind that you can also see and download the Ping in Fortnite. In the same way, it is highly recommended that you take into consideration the FPS of PUBG.

What are FPS?

FPS refers to Frames per second, which in Spanish translates as frames per second. As indicated, the FPS are the images per second shown on our screens. This directly intervenes in the feeling of fluidity while we are playing.

A number higher means more fluidityTherefore, having high FPS is recommended for games like PUBG. Currently, the most suitable for this type of game is to reach 60FPS or even exceed this figure. Even so, keep in mind that you need a high refresh rate monitor, in the case of figures above 60.

It is also important to take into account guides to optimize and accelerate PC games to the maximum. This is highly recommended for all PC gamers, as it will greatly improve the experience and FPS.

How to see and check Ping and FPS in PUBG easily – Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

The first thing you should know before starting the game is that PUBG servers are provided by Amazon. This means that, by observing the performance of your connection with these servers, you can get an idea of ​​how it will go in PUBG.

Fortunately, it is very easy to see this information, for this you can go to the following website Once there, locate the button «HTTP ping» and press on it. By performing this process, the analysis will begin in relation to the ping.

The list of servers according to their region will be displayed, in turn the values ​​related to latency. Clearly, you should focus on those servers that have a lower latency. Once in the game, focus on choosing one of the most suitable servers for you.

Check the Ping in PUBG

Considering the information shown above, you should also consider the option to show the ping in PUBG. This process can be done very easily, just read the following information.

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To show the ping it will be necessary to start PUBG, go to the configuration options, then go to Gameplay. Once in «Gameplay», look for the option «Network debugging statistics» or a similar one and activate it. In the event that the game does not appear or does not appear in English, search for “Network Debug Statistics”.

Apply the settings and close the options. After doing this you will notice that, in the upper left part of your screen, the ping information will be displayed. Although in some versions of the game it will be shown in the lower left.

Check the FPS in PUBG

For show FPS on the computer, it will be necessary to download an application, in this case we recommend FRAPS. You will be able to get FRAPS directly from its website, after downloading it install and run it and the FPS should be displayed on the screen.

On the other hand, if you play Counter Strike Global Offensive, you can also display the FPS in CSGO with great ease. In fact, we recommend being very aware of the FPS in each of your games.

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