How to View or Check OneDrive Free and Occupied Space in Windows 10

Creating an account on OneDrive is almost a necessity in these times. Storing information in the cloud is the most practical thing there is, but sometimes we forget that space is limited. That is why today we will explain how view or check the free and busy space of OneDrive on Windows 10.

What is OneDrive and what is it for?

More and more users are choose cloud storage as your default option for saving important information, be it personal or work or school. OneDrive turns out to be an extremely attractive and easy-to-use option for this purpose.

This platform, which offers 5GB of storage in its free version, is fully integrated into Windows 10, so the interface is quite similar. In addition, this also means that you can automatically backup your PC with OneDrive to never lose any important files.

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This can be very practical if you keep a lot of information on your computer, about your work, what you study, or just a hobby. Even if you most precious information They are the photos of the family vacations, OneDrive ensures that you will not lose any of that.

check onedrive free space

However, this platform does not grant you infinite storage for free, and you may need to check how much space you have left from time to time. That is why we invite you to read the following section, where we will explain step by step how you can check the free space of your OneDrive.

Steps to view or check OneDrive free and busy space in Windows 10

OneDrive is integrated into the Windows 10 software, so that it does not work as a separate application, but shows as one more folder. This is not an impediment to check OneDrive free and busy space in Windows 10; on the contrary, it makes the process easier.

The first thing you should do is find the OneDrive icon (in the form of a cloud) in the notification area of ​​the Windows taskbar and click on it. This will display a window with the information of your OneDrive account and the processes that are being carried out in it.

Then you must look for the ‘Settings and help’ icon (in the form of a toothed nut) within this window. Another option is to right-click on the OneDrive icon in the bar and choose the option ‘Settings’ from the menu that will be displayed.

In either case, a new window will open with several tabs across the top. If the tab that says ‘Account’ does not open directly, click on it to continue. In doing so, you will see in the first section the space you are using currently and the total space offered by your OneDrive account.

use oneedrive in windows 10

With this you will have finished the process, which as you can see is quite simple. Keep in mind that, if you want, you can free up space in your OneDrive account to store more important information in it. This can be a tedious process, but it is necessary from time to time.

View free and occupied space from the OneDrive web page

Another extremely simple way to review and manage your OneDrive account space is to you access from the web page. Once you have logged into your account in it, you must click on the ‘Settings’ button, which, as always, appears as a nut.

Once the settings menu is displayed, choose the option ‘Options’ or ‘More settings’, which will take you to a screen with a bar on the left, where the first option is ‘Manage storage’. From there you can see in more detail what you are using the space on and how much you have left.

Keep in mind that in the official Microsoft Support page There is a list of storage plans according to your country or region, which could be useful in case you are running out of space in your account and do not want to delete anything. We hope this information has been useful to you!

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