How to View or Decrypt Shortened URLs in Adfly, Shortener, Cuttly and Bitly Without Opening Them

Surely when you want to download a file that has been shared, you have come across a strange URL that does not reveal where you are going to navigate. These are shortened URLs, and today you will know how to view or decrypt shortened URLs in Adfly, Shortener, Cuttly and Bitly without opening them.

What are shortened URLs and what are they used for?

A shortened url, is a shorter url compared to normal ones. But how to shorten a web address? It is better to understand it with an example: the Gmail service has a long address to remember, which can be shortened by an average of 25 characters:

  • Nomal URL:
  • Cuttly shortened URL:

Of course, to better differentiate one URL from another, it is advisable to know what the URL is and what it is for and what are its parts? Since although they look different, they have the same components in its structure.

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Shortened URLs are services, which by means of a software generate a code that will be part of a short address, based on a long URL entered. When a user clicks on the link of a shortened address, they will be automatically redirected to the long address.

As is logical to imagine, the main utility and having an address easier to remember and to share, thanks to its fewer characters. Even more so knowing that a URL can have a maximum of 2083 characters.

adfly url shortener official website

This is very useful when we want to share an address in services that have a space limit; for example when sending SMS messages, with a maximum capacity of 160 characters. Also when we want to shorten URL links of web pages from our mobile phone.

However, a shortened address, whether from Adfly, Shortener, Cuttly, Bitly, or other services, will always be very different from the destination address. And the user who will click the link has no visible way of knowing where it will be directed.

Is the use of shortened URLs safe?

It is very safe to create a custom link using the Bitly shortener, or a normal alphanumeric code; also in services such as Adfly, Shortener or Cuttly. But for visitors the story is another, since they can only trust in what the web or user published.

Shortened addresses they hide which will be the destination address, this can be lent to lead netizens to malicious web pages; which can infect the navigator with viruses or in many cases force them to see unwanted advertising.

If we are browsing a known website, it may not be necessary to see or decipher where the shortened URLs go; as it is a trusted website. But if we are on a page that we do not know, it is important do it for security reasons.

How to view or decrypt shortened URLs in Adfly, Shortener, Cuttly and Bitly without opening them?

Just as there are services on the Internet to shorten URL addresses, there are also others to decrypt and show you what the url will be of destiny. Some of them will even show you if that page is marked as dangerous, according to the Web Of Trust or WOT tool.

unshorten it official website to decipher a shortened url

Therefore, its use is very intuitive and suitable for all types of users. All you will need to do is visit one of the following web pages, which will be listed below; once inside you just have to copy and paste the shortened address in a text field and press a button.

  • CheckShortURL (
  • Unshorten.It! (
  • (
  • URL Expander (
  • URL X-ray (
  • VirusTotal (

Any of those pages will help you to see or decrypt shortened URLs in Adfly, Shortener, Cuttly and Bitly without risking having to open them. This way you will know in advance to which address a shortened URL link will take you, and know if it is safe to visit.

From now on, you already have new knowledge and tools to avoid unsafe websites. Information, undoubtedly very useful for all people in general and that surely your contacts will thank you for sharing them.

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