How to watch La Sexta live online

See the Sixth online HD is very easy, without a doubt one of my favorite channels. Well, in some seasons they offer matches and even Formula 1 races in HD (although these have disappeared to move to Movistar TV today). When we are at home we have no problem watching it on our TV but when we are away you can watch the sixth online, that is, on the Internet. There are different ways to watch the sixth online since you can currently choose between watching the sixth live or watching each of its programs and series on a delayed basis.

Below we explain how to do it and where to go to see this television channel both live and in streaming throughout the entire programming that the chain offers such as Lo de Évole, Zapeando, Good Agent, Nightmare in the kitchen, El intermedia, The infiltrated boss, Minute by Minute, LaSexta Noticias, Rojo Vivo, etc. There are different links that you can access to see the direct TV of the Sixth.

How to watch La Sexta live online?

Watch La Sexta live online

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If what you want is to see La Sexta live online, all you have to do is click on the following button. Currently, the A3player player allows you to watch all the direct broadcasts of the network and your favorite programs. What’s more, in many of the programs you can start playback wherever you want to see the direct ones of La Sexta.

Watch La Sexta live for free

How to watch La Sexta on the Internet on a deferred basis (all its programs and series)?

Watch the series and programs of La Sexta for free

If what you want is to see La Sexta but not live but all its programs and series you have to use this other button. It will help you find your favorite shows easily.

See La Sexta online deferred

And there is still more, since in the middle of 2021 La Sexta and A3media offer you the possibility of paying a premium subscription to be able to see more extra content and things that you will not be able to see in the free version. We hope we have helped you with all this and that in this way you can watch your favorite programs of the 6 through the Internet for free. All the programming of La Sexta at your fingertips.


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