How to watch Netflix on a TV not compatible with the App Because it is not SmartTV

Many like enjoy watching movies, listen to music, series, documentaries or television shows without any type of limit or predetermined hours, or unwanted commercials. That is why they would like to access a service that allows them to view their favorite programs and make use of the applications for their Smart TVs.

Precisely thinking of this type of people, this article aims to provide help to those people who want to watch Netflix on a Smart TV, but unfortunately their TV or App they are not compatible to do so. Certain steps will be provided to enjoy this experience.

Netflix is ​​an easy service to apply, whose platform is internet streaming transmission. Here the person can, without having to do complete downloads, watch series, movies, favorite shows, among others. It does not have contracts or additional prices. Your registration is simple.

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To take advantage of this service it is vital that the person create an account to log in and cancel it on a monthly basis. You must also install the application on any mobile device to use, be it a computer, Tablet, cell phone, Smart TV or game console.

Do you want to use Netflix without downloading the app on a Smart TV? This article will tell you how to use the Netflix platform without having to download the app and make your favorite shows visible. Available 30 days of free access.

Can I access Netflix on a TV other than SmartTV?

The short answer is yes, and to do this we will have to rely on external tools. With them we can make our TV become a Smart TV without spending so much money or buying a new TV. The way to do this is through a Chromecast.

Adapter to watch Netflix on an unsupported TV – Chromecast

The Chromecast is an adapter designed for extend TV functions, with this you can do many of the things that are done with a Smart TV. This includes connecting to the internet, using streaming services, and even watching videos on YouTube.
Its operation is very simple and this inside has an Android operating system equal to that of Smart TVs.

I can’t find the Netflix app on my TV – How to fix the problem

It is essential that to carry out this action the television must have a connector on the back, a menu with the condition that it is can surf the internet. For this you must use a network cable and proceed to connect it to the TV, or also insert your Wi-Fi key.

netflix logo on a smart tv screen

The internet connection is simple. If you have already carried out the two procedures mentioned above, this will then ensure that the television is connected to the Internet, in such a way that if you wish, you can access other functions of the equipment. After connecting the TV, the invitation is go to the browser and locate the Netflix page and enter data such as password and user. This will start the Netflix interface on the TV.

Once the process to access the Netflix platform is completed, you can enjoy being able to perceive all the available capacity in the app application. You have the option of bookmark Netflix page from Smart TV or in the main menu to give immediate access to this service.

Netflix is ​​a platform that has its advantages and disadvantages, its contents are different according to the country where you are. The important thing to be able to benefit from it is to have a excellent internet connection, requires no setup and is affordable.

Many consider it a great experience have fun using Netflix on with your Smart TV and to be able to watch videos, listen to music, watch movies, series and favorite shows. All this can be done also by downloading all the desired content without being connected.

The invitation is for you to take into account the suggestions given in this article on how to access Netflix through Smart TV in the event that the TV or the app cannot be downloaded or is not compatible.

Steps to download the Netflix App on my TV – What to do if it is not compatible?

As we have said, the Chromecast has a Android operating system, for this it brings with it an application store. This store is always available and is very similar to the Play Store. In it we will have to search for ‘Netflix’, then we will only have to choose it and install.

people watching netflix from a smart tv

It should be noted that we will have to be connected to a WIFI network to do this and complete the download. Once this is done, the download will start and then it will install automatically. With this we can open it and log in with our account.
In case you cannot or do not want to use the app on your Chromecast, you can open the web from the browser that comes with the integrated device. You will simply have to write the name as if you were on a Smartphone or a PC. Then log in and choose your profile.

My SmartTV is not compatible with Netflix: How to fix the problem

First of all, it is important to note that it is feasible to use Netflix from your device’s browser without the need to download the app, you can enter directly. It is advisable use Rut account to cancel Netflix.

A Rut account is a card, but most of these are free, in terms of their commissions they are not assigned a value. The requirements are accessible, such as downloading the Mach App and creating an account. With this prepaid card you can make purchases online and subscribe to Netflix.

Dispose of the platform Netflix without having to download the app It is beneficial for most users, especially those who cannot download Netflix on their Smart TV. This is influenced by many factors.

One of these may be that a suitable version of the application is not found for the TV operating system and Smart TV can be downloaded with the Netflix platform.

Steps to convert my normal TV to SmartTV and use Netflix

For this you will have to buy a ChromecastThen you simply have to connect it to the HDMI port of your TV and in turn connect it to its power supply. This power supply is very similar to a cell phone charger and it is connected to the house current.
Once connected you will only have to switch to the HDMI section with your control and you will have a view of the Chromecast system. Once this is done you will have to follow the installation steps already mentioned.

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