How to Watermark my YouTube Videos – Quick and Easy (Example)

Surely when making your YouTube videos you will want to personalize them, to prevent someone else from taking credit for your work. How can you do it? Well, simply by putting a watermark on your Youtube videos; And so, even if someone else uploads the same video, you will have full authorship, leaving your mark on it.

Although if you are just starting out, surely you wonder how to edit videos for YouTube in a professional way? The vast majority are paid, although there are others free but that will leave a watermark until you buy the full version. So what are the best programs to edit videos without a watermark?

Indeed there are several options to take into account, but they will only help you if you have knowledge of video editing. However, today we will show you an easy and fast way to do it using an editing tool from Youtube. To find out more, stay tuned and keep reading with us.

What should I do to watermark my YouTube videos?

A watermark is a logo that identifies your channel or person. There are youtubers who may prefer to add a watermark to photos with Corel Photo Paint when editing their videos; or also put a copyright watermark on the images in Photoshop CC before final editing. But there are easier ways. How do you do it? Just follow the step by step that we show you below:

branding watermark to place watermarks on youtube videos

  1. First go to the upper right corner of your profile “Studio creator”; A panel will appear on your left side, click on the channel and select the option that says “Branding”.
  2. Then a tab will appear that says “Branding watermark”. Click on the “Add watermark” option. Then you will see the specifications of what you should do and what format to use.
  3. By following these steps you must click on save and an image and your watermark will appear. By doing this you can choose the time that this mark will appear or disappear.
  4. Enter the video manager and check how this looks watermark and voila, you will have your logo on all your YouTube videos. Now you have your watermark to identify that you are the author.

Place your watermark on all your social networks

Now if you don’t just want to put this watermark on your YouTube channel, but in your social networks, we will also teach you how to do it with a modest step by step that is very easy to follow. We will use Facebook as an example, so your logo will appear in your live broadcasts.

watermark on all your social networks

  1. Enter in Google and type in the search engine “Facebook frame studio” and select the first option. Upon entering, click on “Create a frame”. Next, you will access your Facebook profile previously opened.
  2. Then click where it says “open frame studio” in the upper right. Then click on “Facebook Camera” because if not, it will only give you a frame for your profile picture, and that’s not what we want.
  3. Now go to “upload design” and select your logo already established, you can edit its size to your preference.
  4. Once the previous step is done, you can place it where you prefer; Facebook will give you a preview of what it would look like on your live. Once this step is done, click on following.
  5. . On this page it will ask you obligatorily the name of your frame, calendar and location. Now click on following.
  6. . Once this is done you must click on to post Y to accept. And it will mark that it is active.
  7. Then on your cell phone you will have to open your Facebook from the app and look for the frame and your logo will appear. In this way you will already have your logo or watermark on your Facebook videos.

As you could see, it is very easy and practical to make your frame or watermark in your Facebook live videos and thus avoid other people taking the credit for your work. Why don’t you try it?

Really these two ways to create your watermark on your videos they are very practical and necessary. We hope that all the information provided today will help you a lot, remember to share the information with other people and do not stop commenting on how it went, we love reading their comments.

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