How to Withdraw Money in Mercado Libre without a Bank Account? It’s possible?

Withdrawing money in Mercado Libre is a question that on several occasions many sellers of the site have been asked more than once, in addition to whether it is possible to do it without a bank account, so if you are one of them we recommend that you continue reading.

Selling through Mercado Libre is a great one of the best options when starting a business since Internet purchases have become the favorites of many in the last decade.

Mercado Libre is one of the best online sites To make sales of items or services, in addition to withdrawing money in Mercado Libre is usually extremely simple and it is possible to do it without a bank account.

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The sellers of Free Market compared to other sales sites have the advantage that at the time of withdraw money in free market this is done at no cost and is usually quite fast.

Withdraw money in Mercado Libre by means of transfer to relatives

One of the most practical ways to withdraw money in Mercado Libre is through a bank account that is affiliated with MercadoPago, but in many cases some sellers do not have them and can ber a very long process to apply for this.

The main way to withdraw money in Mercado Libre or MercadoPago without having a bank account is transfer the funds acquired or available on the account of a close and trusted family member or friend.

This is usually one of the faster and easier ways to withdraw money in Mercado Libre because the MercadoPago site allows withdrawals even though the account is not in the name of the person withdrawing the funds.

Withdraw money in Mercado Libre with MercadoPago card

Another way to withdrawals in Mercado Libre Without a bank account it is through the MercadoPago card, if you do not have one, it is quite simple to request.

withdraw money from a free market bank account

The MercadoPago card is a prepaid card to which you can load money and make movements such as purchases, withdrawals and other transactions.

To apply for the MercadoPago card and be able to withdraw money in Mercado Libre, it is necessary to have an account in the MercadoPago application found available for iOS and Android.

Once inside the MercadoPago application, you must select the option «Add your cards», in this way, «Request your Mercado Pago card» will appear on the screen.

Then you should fill out a form with personal data and the address where the MercadoPago card will be received. The approval of the same is quite fast but the waiting process takes between 15 and 30 business days.

Withdraw money in Mercado Libre in cash without a bank account

One of the newest ways to withdraw money in Mercado Libre through MercadoPago without having a bank account is directly withdrawing cash through a rapipago.

The first thing to do to withdraw money for a fast payment is to go to the MercadoPago application, among its last options appears “Extract cash from rapipago”.

withdraw free market money without an account

Having pressed the option, the application will request the amount to extract that depending on the currency in which the withdrawal is made, the application will indicate the amount available to withdraw and daily limits.

After entering the amount to be withdrawn in cash, a 6-number code will be generated with which you can go to rapipago and request the amount with the transaction code.

So additional at rapipago ATMs To request the cash it will be necessary to provide an identification or DNI in addition to the transaction code.

If you want to request a different amount to the one that had been requested, the MercadoPago application allows you to cancel previous requests and make new ones, it is important to take into account whate a new code will be generated for each transaction carried out.

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