How to Work for Amazon Flex in My City – In which Cities is there Amazon Flex?

With Amazon Flex you can ortake care of your free time, generate income and have a comfortable job. Due to the high demand for home delivery today, Amazon is looking for more and more delivery people. If you are interested in this work, in this article you will find out about how you can work for Amazon Flex and in which cities is this service available.

How to work for Amazon Flex in your city

You only need to meet certain basic requirements to work at Amazon Flex. They are as follows:

  • Live in a city where the company operates. Amazon Flex is present in more and more cities. Later we will give you information on some specific places where you will find it.
  • Have your own vehicle. You must have a car or motorcycle. The bigger the better, since you can carry more packages and that means more profit.
  • Own your own phone. The device must be smart, have a GPS and a camera to scan the barcodes. In addition, you must have the mobile app downloaded. And of course, be registered in Amazon Flex, where you will have to enter your bank details and the hours in which you are ready to work.

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These are the basic requirements that Amazon Flex demands so that you can work with them from your city. It really is very easy; your job will be to deliver Amazon packages to your home who made the purchase and voila. Your take-home pay and what you earn on Amazon Flex is calculated based on the number of hours you spend on deliveries.

Do not worry about getting to the place without getting lost, since when you receive the packages, you will be able to scan the barcode that will indicate the exact address. What you will have is that activate GPS and you will know where to go.

If you wonder what are the advantages of working with this company, you will discover it below:

  • Flexibility: You will put the schedule at your convenience and if something unforeseen arises you can change it from the application. Think about it, you can be your own boss with Amazon Flex.
  • Extra earnings: Working for Amazon Flex will allow you to save, complete that trip you have always dreamed of, have money for day-to-day expenses and many other possibilities.
  • You produce in free time: If you have a lot of free time because you became unemployed or decided to retire from your old job, make money with Amazon Flex it is a good way to produce smartly.

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  • You do not need experience: If you have never worked as a delivery person, this will not be a problem. Amazon Flex does not require you to have prior experience. This is especially helpful for students who want to earn their own money for personal expenses without having to drop out of school.
  • Work out of an office: You can travel with your vehicle or motorcycle different areas of the city where you live, outdoors. You will get to know more places and you will avoid the stress of the exhausting routine that governs the offices. Of course, work on patience, as traffic will become part of your day to day.

Regions where Amazon Flex is available

As we mentioned earlier, the delivery network grows more and more, so if you download the app, you enter your current location and you do not have that service yet, you will enter a list for future workers.

Currently, you can work for Amazon Flex if you are in these cities in the United States or Spain.

  • Napa (California), Jackson (Mississippi), Destin (Florida), Buffalo (New York), Honolulu (Hawaii), Bellingham (Washintong), Lansing (Michigan), Racine & Kenosha County (Wisconsin).
  • Alicante, Asturias, Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Cádiz, Gerona, Granada, Madrid, Malaga, Murcia, San Sebastián, Seville, Tarragona, Valencia, Valladolic, Vigo and Zaragoza.

You already know what you need to work, where it is available and how much you earn. The questions that remain to be answered are: is Amazon Flex worth working with? Is what you earn profitable? You can find out right now.

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