How to Work with Two Views or Two Simultaneous Windows in Photoshop at the Same Time

In our current era it is important to each of us how we how we usually interpret things, these are based on sections such as design, since this is present in every aspect of how everything works, as it is in the world of industry, its branches and global trade, for example things that we buy, many of these we made the decision to buy them because it has attracted our attention.

Be it a t-shirt that we like for its style or a piece of furniture for its colors and how it is built, the design plays a very important role In what surrounds us, not only creativity is needed, it is also a discipline if it is applied in categories such as architecture, audiovisual media, creative proposals, etc. Each thing requires a design study to achieve the goal of making it work in our society.

That is why today there is the work of the graphic designer, since the goal of the designer is communicate to the world visually messages to specific groups of people, be it the campaign of a product, a new establishment or the digital advertising of a new social network. That is why it is important that the graphic designer has programs focused on design, such as Adobe and its entire set of editing software.

What are editing programs?

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They are softwares that were programmed with the aim of helping the designer in each of his functions, both a designer and editor are dedicated to extensive work, where every detail from beginning to end must be well studied and worked, therefore needs editing programs To help you, based on your creativity, develop to the maximum a work plan that meets the expectations of what you are looking for.

adobe photoshop editor interface

There are software for each job, software that focuses on both the visual section and software with functions for auditory sections, also these have options to create, alter, modify and edit projects of any type or format, a company that for years has shown that they have a package of applications For these works and the favorite one of the users is Adobe.

Adobe Creative Cloud is a package from the Adobe company, it has been working for years to offer a quality of experience to the designer, it has about 20 applications that you can use on your computer or device, which are aimed at providing service in the creation and editing of photographs, videos, designs, website, etc. among these having the Adobe Photoshop application.

How does Adobe Photoshop work?

Adobe Photoshop is a program dedicated to being a photo editor, Its function is mainly the alteration and modification of elements within a photo, but it can also be used as a tool for creating designs, in addition to editing and composing images, this software is capable of opening an extensive list of file formats , in addition to giving us the option to handle the type of color, be it RGB or CMYK.

In this program, a designer can do all kinds of work, from removing people or objects from a photo, turning a face into a caricature, to taking care of editing and retouching photos to make a young person look older, as well as other tasks such as digital painting , animation and graphic design, without a doubt it is a complete application that you can carry either on a computer or devices such as iPad, tablets and phones.

adobe photoshop editing application

How to open two windows at the same time in Photoshop?

Hand in hand with programs like Photoshop a designer has no limits, You can do the jobs that are no matter how complicated they may be, since Photoshop works correctly on most computers that have simple requirements, even the most expert designers work with two simultaneous windows at the same time within the application, option to which we will talk about in this article.

To have both windows we must first go to the Window tab in Photoshop, then in Organize and then in «New Window for the file», then we must organize the interface to have the windows arranged, we must go back to Window, then in Organize and we select «2-sheet vertical», and that simple we will have two simultaneous windows in Photoshop.

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