How to Write a Letter to an Auto Insurance Company to Request Money

Unfortunately you have had a car accident and been injured, and furthermore, you have not been the culprit of that accident. Well here we will provide you the advice you need to write a letter, exposing your situation and requesting the money you need. Therefore, pay close attention to the steps and suggestions that you must follow, so that you can obtain compensation for the damages received.

How to design your letter for car insurance

The first thing to do is write your letter in the format used for professional business letters. This letter must be written in logical order, exposing all the necessary information, such as, for example, placing the following necessary data:

  • First, copy your exact home address, in the upper right area of ​​the letter.
  • Next, you will have to leave a space of 2 lines and write the date of the day on that same side.
  • Then, in 2 more line spaces, but this time on the left side, write the name of the person to whom you address the letter.
  • Then you must add the address of the institute of security and services, or auto insurance.

When writing your letter to request money from an auto insurance company, for an accident suffered through someone else’s fault, do so with respect. Mainly, direct it to the director of the insurance company, beginning with a respectful greeting, then place a colon to explain the reason for your letter.

Structure of the letter to request money from car insurance

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after having made the heading of your letter as we mentioned above, now proceed to write the body of it.

making a written statement

  • First, at the beginning of each paragraph, try to leave an indentation of 1.27 cm.
  • Make a concise explanation of why the legal responsibility to cover all expenses rests with the other person.
  • Provide all the details of the accident, where it happened, what you were doing and how the other person caused the accident.
  • If there are witnesses to the incident, ask them to write a letter, detailing what they observed, and attach it to your letter.
  • Specify in the letter the injuries suffered, the damage to your property and any other problems that caused the accident.
  • Use medical terms to explain what the doctor told you, attach copies of exams and medical bills.

Note: Some insurance companies offer some query methods that allow you to check your biometric to detail all your personal information.

Make an accurate request of what you expect to receive

You must bear in mind that many insurance companies look for excuses not to cancel the affected person due, because of the damages suffered. In some cases, these companies try to pay a minimal cost, so as not to lose a lot of money and end up hurting the person. For that reason, you should take into account the following tips and carry them out, so that you can receive the compensation you expect.

  • First, you have a clear description of the economic loss that you have submitted.
  1. When paying for treatments.
  2. Having to take specialized tests.
  3. The cost of repairs to your property.
  4. The value of spare parts.
  5. By not having the same income, due to rest.

organize ideas before writing the letter

  • Make a budget of all expenses and make a global request of what you expect to receive.
  1. If you expect to receive an amount, multiply it by 80% or 100% its value.
  2. If the company has buts, negotiate with them until you get what you deserve.

Note: knew that by paying for insurance, you can register the insured, to look after your long-term personal interests.

How to finalize your letter to request money from car insurance

For finish the letter and then send it to the auto insurance company, you must take the following steps outlined here.

  • Conclude the letter with «Sincerely,» on the right side of the letter.
  • Leave four lines of space and write your name and after printing it, sign manually.
  • Clarify that you are willing to reach an agreement and if not, you will file a lawsuit for the damages suffered.

We hope you have taken advantage of the information, and can receive compensation for damages that you have suffered by following these practical steps.

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