How to Write Faster on the Keyboard of my Android Cellphone? (Example)

For many reasons, typing faster on the keyboard is something super necessary, in Android there are many options, know a little about them.

You should know that there are applications and options within the same device that will facilitate the writing process and with it, it will increase your speed. Remember you have one of the latest versions of the Android operating system.

Options for faster typing on the keyboard

Start by studying the possibilities that your device has as such, the keyboard configuration, voice dictation, keyboard orientation and much more.

Configure your keyboard

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Believe it or not, the integrated Android keyboard is quite good, knowing how to use it can be a great help, you can access «Settings«>»Keyboard and languages”.

You can activate the mobile keyboard or the Google Gboard, both are quite efficient, being able to integrate dictation by voice or a method known as Swype. Both are options that can facilitate your writing method, making your ideas come true much faster. Changing the keyboard of the Android cell phone is essential.

Dictation by voice and Swype

It is necessary to talk a bit about these two methods, the first one allows you to dictate, that is, the phone will write what you tell it.

On the other hand, Swype is an option that allows you to slide your fingers over the letters, in such a way that the words are formed.

Both are options that expedite the writing method, you should know that constant use generates memory in the method, so it will get faster and faster.

Keyboard orientation

Well, although this is not an option that will directly make you type faster on the keyboard, it comes as a advantage for writing.

type without separating finger

The orientation of the device makes writing much easier, you can handle the device with great ease, in addition, it can handle the site of the keyboard.

The Gboard and some pre-installed keyboards allow the keyboard to be located on the left or right side according to your dominant hand and if you will write with one hand.

Text shortcuts

There is an option that many users do not know, the text shortcuts, something that you can configure with some letters to have phrases in seconds. Sort of like when talking about using the best most useful keyboard shortcuts in Excel.

To use them, you must enter «Settings«>»Keyboard and languages«>»Personal dictionary«, Once there, you must add by pressing the»+”.

Set the phrase and in «Direct access”Put in a word or letters that remind you of the method, so that you can get complete sentences in a matter of seconds.

It is recommended to use an application that integrates almost all these tools and is complemented with the text that you write in different media, helping with prediction.


An application that you can download from the Play Store, completely free, integrates most of the tools that have been mentioned, but its usefulness increases.

This application can connect to the Google account, allowing all the words you use in web browsing and emails to be used.

This will be to create a custom database, better predicting the sentences you want to write, suggesting the words that follow.

Considered one of the best keyboard applications for Android, its predictions are quite accurate, in addition, it has an interface that in a way challenges you.

typing android keyboard

Typing faster on the keyboard is a challenge, this keyboard will count the words by minutes, allowing you to improve and search meet your goals.

Definitely, it is a great option to complement the interface of your Android device, in addition, it will take care of creating shortcuts by itself and facilitating typing.

Well, there has been talk about the best tools to type faster on the keyboard with your Android device, practice and every time you will do it faster. Start typing really fast with the help of these tools!

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