How to Write Letters with Accents or Tildes in Google Docs Easily

When it comes to working from a computer, there are tons of programs through which one can support and do the work of the best possible quality through our knowledge and creativity. In fact, a personal computer can greatly facilitate our work process through its different programs, but as such the final product will depend on us.

However, we have to emphasize the programs that are used to work through a computer, since they are the ones that They add a lot of charm to the activity. A perfect example of this are all the image editing programs that exist in the market, each one being perfect for someone in particular due to their way of working, always seeking professional results.

We can also talk about video editing software, or perhaps vector map construction programs. But if we talk specifically about work inside the computer, it is very likely that another type of work comes to mind, such as office work, which we can do through different office suites.

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Office suites come in different sizes, types, and interfaces that make the experience very different from one another, but obviously there are some suites that are more popular than others. A perfect example of this is the Microsoft Office suite, one that contains a bit of everything to make office work much easier.

But even so, even a suite as solid as Microsoft Office It has its competition, and it has come from one of the titans of the industry: Google. Through the Google office suite, we can write and edit texts, make slide shows and much more; but probably the most used program is Google Docs, about which we will talk a little.

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Google Docs and its importance

Being able to work on a computer is supported by different programs that make our work much easier, especially when it comes to office work. And, if you want a free office suite to help you with this job, you don’t have to search too far, since you can go directly to Google.

If you need to write a document, or be able to share a document with several authors at the same time, and talk to them when you need to, you can simply create a Google account and go to Google Docs, the Google equivalent of Microsoft Word; which translates as a program that can be used online to create all kinds of documents.

This program, you have enough tools to be able to create, edit and share a written document to the point of making it look professional, and it ends up being a good option to Microsoft Word. But, if you want to use it, you must take into account certain things if you want a highly professional result, such as having a good grammar within the writing.

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Google Docs and tildes

Using Google Docs is quite simple, you just create a new document or open an old one through the options that you have at the top, and in the blank sheet you write through your keyboard using the tools that you have in the part top of the window. But, if you want to write well, you must know how to put the tildes, a very important resource in Spanish.

To be able to put a check mark in a specific word or vowel within a Google Docs document, you must first press the tilde key on your keyboard. Usually this will be next to the P if your keyboard is speaking Hispanic.

If you do not have the possibility to put a accent mark For some damage to your keyboard, you can do it through commands, so just enter Windows startup, then Accessories, and then System Tools, where you have to enter Characters map.

Here, you can click on any accented letter you want to use, and following the text at the bottom, press ALT while pressing one sseries of numbers to make the lyrics.

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