How To Zoom In The TikTok App Without Using Your Hands Is It Possible?

Since applications such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram appeared, they became the best social networks worldwide due to the impact they had on both the young and the adult community. And is that applications like these, in addition to allowing contact with friends, we can share whatever we want.

As technology is not far behind and moving to the rhythm of the needs and tastes of people, more and more apps that are created for fun. One of these recent applications created is TikTok, an application that allows its users to share videos between 3 seconds and 1 minute or more.

Just by downloading the mobile application on your phone you can start recording short videos and edit them with filters or voices, to share them on the platform without any problem. TikTok was launched in 2016 in China, but it was available worldwide in 2018 and has become one of the most downloaded.

This application, in 2020, was downloaded many times more than Facebook, Snapchat, among others; thus forming part of the 10 most downloaded and popular applications in the world. Today, the application is estimated to have more than 800 million users, these being more than all young people between 16 and 25 years old.

How to use TikTok?

The use of this social network is very dynamic and therefore, creating an account and starting to use it is not complicated, since it is the same as with another application. First of all, to download it you must go to the app store of your mobile to be able to install it on your device.

Once you have the TikTok download ready, you can continue to create your account by providing an email or other information that they ask you at the beginning. Having done that, you will be able to start enjoying its interface at startup, where you will see suggestions for you and the trending videos right then on TikTok.

When you come across the videos, you can like it in case you like it, you can comment or share the video with your friends by sending them to other apps. Also, if you like the content of a creator you can go to their profile to start following them and be able to watch the videos from the beginning.

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On the other hand, if you want to be the one to publish videos, create a trend and get followers or to share them privately with your friends, you can also do it and here we will explain how. Once you have entered the application, tap on the option that has a plus sign (+) icon at the bottom of the screen.

When you touch that option, your mobile camera will automatically be activated, with which you can start recording, place filters, effects or add music that you like. If you have a video saved in your gallery, previously recorded, you can also upload it, selecting the box to the right of the red record button.

How can you zoom in on a TikTok video?

This is something that is done easily, simply and quickly from the moment you start recording if you want, even the process is similar to zoom in on an Instagram video. Once you are on the screen with the camera activated to record, press and hold the red button in the center Y, slide it towards the direction you want to zoom in.

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That is a fast way and it is the one that most people are used to using, but there is also another way that is equally simple and easy. To do this, we use our fingers; when you go to record, touch the screen and slide your fingers out or in and you will see how the camera zooms in and out.

What else can you do on TikTok videos?

For your TikTok videos, you have many options that allow the video be more dynamic and entertaining for the people who follow you. In addition to adding music to them, as we already mentioned, you can lip sync, that is, in the videos with songs, it seems that you are the one singing because of the movement.

Also, so that your videos try to reach as many people as possible, you can add hashtags to them, that have to do with what you do in the video and make it a trend.

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