How to Zoom, Texts or Letters Bigger and Change Button Assignment on PS4? (Example)

PS4 is one of the best consoles created in the last decade, since this has a lot of functions with the naked eye and incredible hidden (like the one that lets you edit videos with ShareFactory), for these functions today’s tutorial was created, so you can learn how to zoom, texts or letters larger and change assignment on PS4?

If that above has sounded strange to you and you think that such functions do not exist on your PS4, because you are very wrong, everything previously mentioned does exist and is present on your console, only that it is hidden behind some very easy steps that you have to make.

Notably all functions are native and legal, There is nothing in this tutorial that is illegal or unofficial (what will be named today is even on the official PlayStation page).

How to Zoom, texts or letters bigger and change assignment on PS4?

To get started quickly and learn as soon as possible how to Zoom, text or larger letters and change assignment on PS4, the first thing you have to know is that this tutorial will be divided into parts, so you don’t get confused between one process and another.

Now, it will start with how to do Zoom on your PS4 console. If you want to achieve that, you have to go to “Settings” from the main screen, and there enter the section that It is called “Accessibility”.

playstation4 controller and console

Inside it there will be a huge list of options, from among them choose “Zoom”, and when you are in your personal section select “Activate Zoom”, that will activate the function, which you can use by pressing the PS + square button combination.

Place the largest text

Another of the useful functions that the PS4 brings, allows you to play with the size of the letters on the console, letting you place the largest text in general. To do that, you have to go back to “Accessibility” as you did before, and within the list that is there choose “Larger text.”

In this case there is no other section, simply by touching this option its box will be selected and the text will become larger than normal. In the same way, you can also place the text in bold by clicking on the box “Bold text.”

Button mapping on the PS4 console

With everything you have read, the question is practically answered, How to zoom, text or letters larger and change assignment on PS4 ?, so to put an end to this guide, it is time to Learn about button mapping.

Since this way you will be able to get out of here, and you will be free to go and investigate more relevant things about your console, such as: How to download games to my PS4 from my Android cell phone?

Now, to achieve the assignment, you must first go to the section of “Accessibility”, within your list search and select the option “Button assignments.”

playstation accessories

This action will redirect you to a section where you will have to click on the “Activate custom button assignment” selection box (it should be noted that this will be the only selection on the screen so there will be no confusion). Then the option will jump Press “Custom Button Assignment”.

If everything went well, you should be in the customization interface, there you can change the order of your buttons as you want. When you’re done alone you will have to give “Confirm” and that’s it.

With what you read you already know how to make Zoom, texts or letters larger and change assignment on PS4, so you have nothing else to do here, you are free to go and go apply the changes you read.

However, as a recommendation, it would not be bad for you to continue looking for this type of information, to get the whole game out of your Play, for example you can search: How to connect gamer bluetooth headphones on my PS4?

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