How to Zoom Where the Mouse Pointer is in 3D Studio Max

Surely you are here because at some point, it has happened to you that when you are advanced in a design job, you zoom with the mouse pointer and this is always done in the center of the screen and not in the place where you pointed with the mouse.

This is very common and is usually due to a bad configuration or a bad installation of Studio Max, regardless of what it is due to, we know that it is very annoying and does not allow you to do your job well taking away valuable time.

Modification menus in the 3d studio max program

This is an option that can be changed, activating or deactivating it according to your need and the project you are working on, here we will explain you step by step and quickly how to solve this problem and so you can advance in your work.

How can I zoom with the mouse pointer in 3D Studio Max

Step 1

In the default view tool, the “Perspective” mode is activated, which in many cases it is the cause of the mouse pointer not zooming where we place it, we are going to correct this by changing it to “Orthographic” (Orthographic) mode. Another option is on your keyboard by pressing the “Ctrl + the letter” U “.

Step 2

Again in the toolbar at the top of your screen, select the option “Customize” (Customize) that when the dialog window is displayed chooses the option “Preferences …” (Preferences …).

Step 3

A dialog box will appear select “Preferences Settings”, in this you must locate the tab “Viewports” (Viewers), in these you will see many default options to select manually.

manual modifications menu to fix mouse zoom in 3d studio max

After adding the modifications that best suit you, at the bottom left you will see a box identified as “MouseControl” In this you must check the box “Zoom about mouse point” (Orthographic) and click on “OK” to finish.

Done, with these three easy steps you have already managed to correctly configure the pointer of your mouse, so that when you select the Zoom option, it applies it where you need it, with the “Orthographic” mode, as easy as creating a 5-pointed star, don’t you think?

As we mentioned before, we know that system glitches like these in Studio Max take away valuable work time, with that in mind. Do you know what are the most used shortcuts in Studio Max 3D? Knowing them will guarantee you to streamline the work saving you time and effort, keep reading that we will briefly show you some of them.

Most used shortcuts in Studio Max

Before starting, it is important that you know your keyboard, since in some cases the buttons are inverted, that is, the key that should activate “Ctrl” activates capital letters. This is already something for each PC, but to avoid frustrations, know your keyboard well and where each of the main keys are, now if we start.

  • Select: Q
  • To select: Ctrl + D
  • Add to selection: Ctrl + Click
  • Invert Selection: Ctrl + I
  • Subtract from selection: Alt + Click
  • Clone: ​​Ctrl + V
  • Move: W
  • Rotate: E
  • Undo: Ctrl + Z
  • Top View: T
  • Redo: Ctrl + Y
  • Bottom View: B
  • Left View: L
  • Redo the view only: Shift + Y
  • Front View: F
  • Show security zones: Shift + F
  • Isometric View: U
  • Show file statistics: 7
  • Perspective view: P

These shortcuts will help you a lot in your work and as always on our page you will always find what you are looking for and you will learn a little more; do not miss the latest articles we publish regarding Studio Max.

You will not only know the latest updates of this amazing program visualization and 3D modeling, but we will teach you how to use them and thus create unique and quality 3D objects with perfect and realistic finishes.

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