How You Can Make Two Video Call Meetings in Teams at the Same Time

Today we will guide you to learn how you can make two video meeting meetings in Teams at the same time, something that, although rare, can be useful in certain circumstances.

What is Teams? Can two meetings be held at the same time?

Teams is undoubtedly one of the best remote work applications. In fact, it is a favorite among teachers and bosses when it comes to dealing work / academic affairs at a distance. The application presents an environment where you can share files, make meetings and video calls, and many other tools that few applications of these characteristics have.

Clearly there are alternatives to Teams, but few offer the options that we can find here. Among these options are meetings, which, as its name expresses, is meetings scheduled in advance.

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Natively, the application does not allow two meetings to be held at the same time, at least not with the same account. But if you feel the need to do two meetings with different teams, you can use a functional trick.

Trick to make / join two video call meetings at the same time in Teams

It is natively not possible to hold two meetings at the same time using the Teams application. Anyway, with a little ingenuity we can resort to a trick that will allow us attend two meetings, if necessary.

To make use of this trick, we will need two Microsoft Teams accounts. The idea is to use an account for each meeting, therefore, the first thing in the case of requiring to join the two meetings is to create a new Teams account.

After account creation, it is time to create the environment to join both meetings. In the event that you are using the computer, it is best to use your main account with the official Teams app.

On the other hand, the account you just created will be used through Microsoft Teams in the browser. To do this, simply go to the Microsoft Teams website and log in with your details. Clearly the entire meeting process needs to be done ahead of time, so you may need to provide your account details first (if necessary), so do everything ahead of time.

Once you are signed in from both the desktop and browser versions, use conventional methods to connect to a meeting in Microsoft Teams. Either way, you need to keep a few principles in mind.

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Similarly, remember that you can use the mobile application. In fact, there is the possibility of recording a Teams meeting with your mobile, but you can also use another account with the purpose of being present in two meetings

What you should know if you use the Teams application and its browser version

Natively you can use the microphone and the camera without problems through the application. This principle is also true when using the browser version of Teams. In any case, there are a few things to consider.

First of all, it is best to constantly check in which room you have an active microphone. Indeed, it is not recommended to leave the microphone active at all times for both meetings, this could create chaos when speaking.

Given this, we recommend activating the microphone only when you speak, this way you will not get confused between meetings. On the other hand, keep in mind that you will hear audio from both meetings, so joining two meetings at the same time is not recommended. In fact, we consider that you should use this alternative in the case of being completely necessary.

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