How You Can Use Excel’s Angle PIC Function Easily

If you have not installed the office package yet, install it and test it is very fast and easy to use. The Excel program is one of the tools most used by different companies and their workers.

It has different functions to use in the different work camps, for example accountants, engineers and entrepreneurs, an easy way to keep your accounts on spreadsheets in an orderly manner.

One of the functions of Excel in the field of engineering is the calculation of IMAGE ANGLE, which returns the argument q, an angle in radians, taking into account the Innumber, which is the complex number whose argument you want to calculate.

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To give your spreadsheet an attractive appearance, use the formatting possibilities that Excel offers you. You can modify the font size, borders, background, number format and many other attributes.

How to Use Excel’s PICTURE ANGLE Function Easily

Select your favorite cell where the desired result will be thrown, click on the box (fx), which is located in the menu or toolbar. standard tools, the command to insert function will appear on your screen immediately. In the box to select the category you will look for the engineering option.

It is important to note that all the functions are arranged alphabetically to facilitate the search. In the option to select a function you will point out the function IMANGLE, this function returns the argument q, an angle expressed in radians.

excel function im angle

Then we press the accept button and a box will appear in the second function assistant window. In this window, you must enter the parameters of the function. Both these parameters and the cell references must be clear and precise so as not to throw any errors.

When entering the values ​​to be calculated you will press the accept button and you will get the result in the box previously selected. To finish the procedure, press the accept button and the calculated result will be immediately thrown in the chosen cell, = IM.ANGLE ().

How to correct errors when using the functions

It is common that errors are commented on in the information digitization processes. There are several ways to correct them as the case may be; here you will see some of them. For example, for the wrongly entered number, the cell where the error is found must be activated, type the correct value and press Enter.

Another way to edit the content of a cell is by selecting it and pressing the F2 key. In the case of deleting the information from a cell, you must activate the cell where the data to be deleted is located, then press the Del key to delete it.

To replace data in a character stringYes, just click on the box that contains the information and select the data and then type the new ones. With the edit menu you can also correct some errors using the undo and redo options.

How to select ranges for the cells where you will get the value of the function

Normally, when selecting a set of cells, the mouse pointer is dragged from the upper left cell to the lower right cell, which will make up the range; The selected region will appear in dark color, but it can also be marked by pressing the Shift key and moving with the keyboard arrows.

In the selection of contiguous cells, place the cursor on the starting cell of the range, hold down the left mouse button and drag it to the end of range cell. Whereas for the selection of non-contiguous cells. The pointer must be positioned in the first cell of the range.

file downloaded from excel with function im angle

Hold down the Ctrl key and click on the cell of your choice; without releasing the Ctrl key click another cell. It is important to know that it is a range, which is a selection of contiguous cells or not; it can be an entire row, column, and entire sheet.

To select a complete column click on the column header; while to select a complete row click on the row header. If you want to select the entire sheet, click the select all button, located in the corner top left of the sheet.

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