I teach you how to delete the Line account

With the arrival of Telegram I have not doubted for a moment that this was the messaging application that I had been waiting for a long time and that best suits my needs. If you are not clear I recommend that you read this article in which I explain 8 reasons why Telegram is better than WhatsApp.

One of the good things about Telegram is that it allows us to chat online, directly in the browser, without having to install any program and giving us the possibility of accessing the application from any device. I know that at the time I announced Line as the best alternative to WhatsApp but things have changed Quite.


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Right now Line has passed to a secondary position and after the annoyance that Line Spain caused me and the great battery consumption that carried to my terminal I have decided to delete the application.

In the image you can see the steps to follow, it is very simple.

  1. Click on Plus.
  2. Then we headed to Profile.
  3. At the bottom there is a button that says Delete account, if we click on it, we will have to confirm the deletion and we will not be able to access our list of friends or anything, even if we can reopen another account.

Delete line account

When you decide to delete the Line account, keep in mind that the stickers, numbers, friend lists, groups, etc. The PC account will also be deleted and can never be reset although you can use the same username again.

At the moment I am not going to delete my WhatsApp account although I cannot rule this out in the future with the one that is falling. Telegram is fast, simple and for the whole family. What more could you want? In my case, I ask that people assimilate it well and choose to install it and unify messaging, I don’t want more than 2 different programs to talk from my mobile. And, to ask, if one day they manage to integrate a quality free calling system that consumes little, it would already be the perfect App.


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