If I disassemble my cell phone, will it lose its resistance or protection against water?

Smartphones have undergone numerous and constant changes. Technology is simply getting more and more innovative. And one of the most important achievements, in this regard, has been the development of rugged phones. Have you ever wondered: “If I disassemble my cell phone, will it lose its resistance or protection against water?

To answer that question, it is necessary that you have knowledge of some essential elements. Among them, everything related to IP certification of a cell phone.

Water and cell phones

The companies in charge of developing or manufacturing the phones have not only sought to implement innovative tools. They have also gone to great lengths to adapt to user needs.

In short, one of the greatest needs of a user when purchasing a cell phone is resistance. Resistance to what? Well, if possible, to everything. Water, heat, cold, dust, bumps, falls, etc. However, water resistance was something that was extremely attractive to many.

It is not for less … many incidents could involve water and affect your phone. The consequences are worrying, like your phone suddenly turning off. However, splashes could even cause your phone to constantly overheat.

water resistant phone

The first waterproof phones

But what was the first waterproof phone? Neither more nor less than the Casio CanU 502S. This guaranteed its operation, even after half an hour of immersion.

Now, as such, the first Smartphone presented as waterproof belongs to Nokia. The 550 Sport was resistant to sweat and splashes of water.

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The importance of IP certification

From the launch of the Nokia 550 Sport and other equipment such as the Sony Xperia Aqua… what element do you think would start to attract the attention of users? Exactly! The IP certificate of the mobile device.

What is IP certification? The International Protection is a scale that indicates the degree of protection or resistance of the phone. So, before you know if when you disassemble your cell phone it loses resistance or protection against water, ¡¡you need to know the protection scale of your phone!

How to locate the IP protection scale?

This type of information you find it in the manual or on the phone case. To assign an IP certificate, devices must pass a set of tests. Of course, these tests involve dust and water.

Once the tests have been carried out, in the certificate, you will see the initials IP followed by two digits. The first digit corresponds to dust resistance, while the second corresponds to water resistance. In the case of water, the digits on the scale range from 0 to 8. The resistance and protection scale is broken down as follows:

  • 0: No protection.
  • 1: Resistance to dripping water.
  • 2: Resistant to dripping water poured at an angle of 15 °.
  • 3: Resistant to sprayed water.
  • 4: Splash resistance.
  • 5: Resistant to moderate pressure water jets.
  • 6: Resistant to high pressure water jets.
  • 7: Resists 1 meter deep dives.
  • 8: Resists immersion that generally reaches 3 meters deep. However, it may vary by manufacturer.

If I remove the battery cover from my cell phone, will it lose resistance or protection against water?

Your mobile has been damaged and it is necessary to uncover or disassemble it. It is a dedicated moment, because you think that, by disassembling your cell phone, it loses resistance or protection to water.

water protection phone

The question is quite frequent in users. And the answer may generate more concern than relief. But yes, your phone will lose that resistance or protection.

Mobile devices have seals that are precisely those that guarantee such protection. When being disassembled or uncovered, said seals are removed and it will no longer be waterproof.

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Be careful with your cell phone before water!

Now that you know that, when disassembling your cell phone it loses resistance or protection to water, you must be very cautious. Especially when you perform actions such as disinfecting your cell phone from the outside without damaging it.

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