Improve the Quality of your Video Calls on WhatsApp – Quick Guide

Human interaction is an action that keeps us subject to affective and social ties, which cannot be diminished by the action of technology, on the contrary, technology is the greatest tool for boost human interaction, now largely carried out digitally.

For this reason, video calls have been structured as a means of bringing individuals closer together, WhatsApp makes video calling easySince doing them from this application is simple, hence the great demand and part of the success of the gigantic application that brings together millions of people. Activating and making video calls on WhatsApp is a simple procedure, but it can have setbacks.

Setbacks are always around the corner, it may happen that not a video call is made on WhatsApp because the video call does not work, or by chance that makes it impossible to see or have problems with the camera.

Or just that there are problems with sharpness, which reduces the quality of the experience, that is why it is urgent to talk about how improve the picture for video calls that look blurry and dark on WhatsApp.

How to start a video conference on WhatsApp

Video calls are the new fashion of this time, especially in these moments that we are facing a global pandemic. In order to keep in touch with our friends and loved ones, video calls or video conferences are the solution. Follow the steps below to make your video call:

  • The first thing you should do is enter your WhatsApp, on your mobile.
  • Then, press the icon to start a new call, there you can select if you want to make it in a group or with a single person.
  • Then you will go to select contacts which you want to add to the video call and that’s it.

You must bear in mind that the only way to be able to invite a person to join the call, must be registered in your contactsIf not, you will not be able to add it to the videoconference.

video calls on whatsapp

Images look dark or blurry on WhatsApp

The spectrum of possibilities and their origin is very varied, it can range from connection and lighting issues, to issues directly related to the mobile, being the simplest a low battery percentage that activates the energy saving mode, or being even a problem with the camera.

Therefore, the main thing will be to identify the origin of the tortuosity in the image at the time of making the video call, to then proceed to give it a timely solution.

If it’s about lighting related items, you can tell just by taking a look at the space where you are.

On the other hand, if it is a question of connection problems, it can be checked quickly, trying send a test message within WhatsApp and see the time it takes to send which is an indication of the connection speed.

On the other hand, the issues related to the mobile can be deduced by observing the battery percentage, or trying to enter the camera to verify the quality of the image there and be able to compare it with that of the video call on WhatsApp.

Once the origin is identified, we can proceed to remedy it and improve the image of video calls that are blurry and dark.

What to do if the image of my video call on WhatsApp looks bad?

Once the origin or the possible origin has been identified in any case, we can proceed to improve the image in video calls on WhatsApp. Based on its origins we are going to address the actions and possibilities separately.

First case to fix blurry video calls

If it is a source of lighting and connection, we can improve the image in a simple way. Being lighting the main cause of darkness in images and blurring even.

boy making video calls on whatsapp

The ideal is to change the scene, look for a space where the lighting favors. It should be taken into account that the artificial lighting source that accompanies the user is always in front and not behindAs well as activating the front flash of the mobile, For its part the connection issue has other solutions that help improve the image in the video call.

Such solutions lie in accelerating the signal strength, if it is from a WiFi, the ideal is to be as close to it as possible, as well as restart it and check its speed, or request the internet provider higher browsing Mbps stream.

This will solve the ailment of a blurred image. However there are peculiar cases, which go with the part of the operation of the device.

Second case to fix blurry video calls

They lie in the settings and problems, a low battery percentage, would activate the energy saving mode, which diminishes the brightness, for this the solution is to charge the battery, giving a simple and direct solution. And if you want to modify the energy saving settings.

On the other hand, there is the issue of internal problems with the camera, if it has already been detected that it is not WhatsApp or the connection, but the camera. The ideal would be turn off and then turn on the device, do not restart it. If the problem persists, a software update should be considered.

Learn how to remove your image during conference calls

It is important that you know that in order to make a video call, the same WhatsApp application it will ask you for some permissions, among these will appear the one to activate the phone’s camera, otherwise it will not show you when you make the call to your other contacts.

When you are inside the video call, at the bottom of the screen Some buttons with options will appear, to be able to turn off your camera, you must press the button of the video camera, here you can deactivate and activate the camera at any time.

Whatsapp video calls

The people with whom they are having the video conference, They won’t be able to see you, but they will be able to hear you so the video call can continue normally.

More options to better handle your video calls

WhatsApp video calls they have many benefits for the improvement and enjoyment of them. With its different options it can be more comfortable and it is also very easy to use.

Don’t stop making video calls, add all the people you wantTalk to your colleagues while doing other activities, the only thing these video calls ask of us is that you maintain a good connection to the internet or mobile data.

Add a new member

Nobody is left out, you can make your video calls up to 8 participants, When you are in the call, the screen will split and show the photo of all the participants. If you want to add a new person to the call, follow the steps mentioned below:

If you are already in the video call with other people and want to add someone, they can do so by pressing the button in the upper right corner of the screen, it is a symbol in the form of a person with a plus sign.

When you locate it, you should press it and automatically your contact list will appear To be able to add a person, you can do it up to a limit of 8 members.

Move to other apps without ending the call

This is an incredible advantage that WhatsApp video calls offer us, you have the ability to use other applications while continuing the conversation with your friends.

When you exit WhatsApp, the image of the person will become smaller and can be placed on one side of the screen, so that you can continue to see and listen to it. Don’t worry, when you exit the app, the call will not be interrupted or cut off.

Laptop video calls

Activate the main camera

Most think that only the front camera can be used for video calls, but this is not the case. Too you can use the rear or main camera to make the call, this works a lot when we want to teach something to the contacts within the conversation.

You can do it easy and fast pressing the camera symbol located in the lower left corner of your mobile screen. To go back to the front camera again, press the symbol again and you’re done.

Manage your mobile data

Sometimes we do not have a WiFi connection to make calls, which may affect us a bit because we can consume a lot of mobile data. It all depends on the duration of the call, the shorter it lasts, the less mobile data it will consume.

If you don’t have a WiFi connection, you can use your mobile data to make the video call, but something that many people do not know is that you can configure the mobile data to consume less. In this way, not so many will be spent at the time of the call.

In order to do this, you must enter the WhatsApp settings, then search Data and storage, inside the activate function will appear Decrease data usage, you just have to press the button. We will be able to appreciate that the consumption of mobile data will begin to decrease.

In most cases the mobile network is going to decrease to 2G, avoiding that it is consumed in quantity, so the call will consume about 200 KB per minute, whereas previously it consumed approximately 500 KB.

We must add that when activating this data saving function, video calls their quality will be greatly reduced and the network could have some faults.

Other applications to make video calls compatible with IOS and Android

Video Call Application

WhatsApp is one of the applications most used in the world, it’s free, comfortable and available on all devices. But, there are times when we want to communicate with several people and WhatsApp only accepts 8 contacts per video call.

So there are many more applications to be able to make a good videoconference, in good condition and on easy-to-use platforms that accept many people at the same time.

This is best when you have to meet with your work team. Also, it is normally used to teach courses and classes by these means.

Google Meet

Google Meet is a video conferencing platform. This app is own of Google, You can find it both on your mobile device and you can also use it in its web version.

On this platform you can join up to 100 participants to the call, with a duration of 60 minutes per meeting. To be able to join or create a video conference on Google Meet, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • First, you should know that in order to create a conference on the platform, you must have a Google account.
  • Then go to Google Meet and press where it says New meeting.
  • You are going to select where it says, create a meeting for later. In this way you can share the data of the new meeting that you will do.
  • Select the link and send it to the participants you want.

Before you can join a meeting on Google Meet, you must wait for the creator of the room I sent you the link or the invitation to enter.


Zoom, an American platform, in order to be able to make video calls or videoconferences in the place where you are and by any means or device. This platform goes a bit further, it is mainly used for more business meetings. As Up to 1000 conference participants can join.

With this platform you can work with larger groups, for a more comfortable experience. Also, you have the option of record video calls so I can see them later.

Video calling by zoom

In order to make a call by Zoom, being the creator or host, you must have a Zoom account and log in. Then press the down arrow displayed and select Start with video and then press New meeting.

As a group administrator you can add the options you want to the roomAlso remember to copy and send the access code to the room so that other people can join.

Google Duo

Duo is a new special application from Google that allows you to make video calls exclusively to the contacts you have registered on your mobile phone. This platform is very secure like all Google applications, as it offers end-to-end encryption.

To be able to make a video call through Google Duo, the first thing is that you must have the application downloaded on your phone. After installed, open the application. At the top of the screen, We can search for a number or we can also write it. Select if you want to make a video call or a voice call.

Google Duo allows calls of up to 32 participants, so no one misses the meeting. If you are the creator of the call you can share a link so that other people can join.

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