In what places and how can I park in Free Fire without being seen or caught?

First and third person shooter video games are dominating the phone video game markets. This is because there are several companies that are charged with bringing the experiences of triple-A titles to a more accessible format for those people who cannot buy a PC Gamer or a console. There are several companies that are responsible for bringing games to phones, like Garena.

What is Garena?

Garena is an Asian game developer, which has dominated the market for its great games, which are extremely famous and have fan bases, the cupales are distributed throughout the globe, so the scope and impact they have had it has been unprecedented.

It’s true, a lot of people love the games Garena offers. An example of these is Speed ​​Drifters, which seeks to emulate the experience they give you in a game like Mario Kart, only this is much better, since it can be downloaded for Free in the Playstore, and it is also available for iPhone.

Speed ​​Drifters is not perfect, and is subject to a number of problems, for example, the “Network or Login Error” which can be easily solved. Also, you may need Speed ​​Drifters fix when black screen and unresponsive.

people in free fire

Another very famous game that Garena offers is Free Fire, which is based on a competitive shooting system in a game mode called Battle Royale.

What is Free Fire?

This is a mobile third-person shooter game, which works with a multiplayer system on the internet, which matches you against almost 100 people at the same time so that you face each other in combat and see if you can emerge victorious among all. This game is highly competitive, available to be installed on iOS and Android operating systems, and you should always learn new skills to defeat your enemies.

One of the most common tricks to be able to obtain the objective of killing your enemies and being victorious is to camp. That is why in the present we are going to give you a complete guide on how to camp, which places you should choose and how you should choose them.

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What is campear and how to do it well?

Camping is when instead of going around the battlefield, exposed to enemy fire, you decide to stay locked in a safe place where you can see clearly when enemies pass in order to shoot and kill them.

A very common way to camp is climb to the roof of the housesas players never see a user who is crouching or lying down. Shooting from this position is very easy, and aiming at the heads of your enemies is also very fast this way.

When you want to camp, you should make sure to choose a site where make sure you can see your enemies, but that your image blends with the surroundings and seeing you is quite difficult. That is why when choosing places to camp, instead of looking at clear places on the map, you should look for buildings that meet the correct characteristics.

The best places to camp It is always the dark corridors, the corridors with windows and a single exit, as well as the buildings that have clear views over the streets and fields, so that you can kill your enemies from above. Also, if you leave a door open, you can hide in the space between it and the wall, as enemies never check this space.

It is important that you know that in addition to choosing a good place, you should know when enemies come. That is why to be able to camp correctly you invite some friends, so that they can be notified if an enemy comes. Another way to do this is by using good earphones, which allow you to hear the footsteps of approaching enemies and thus take advantage of your camping location.

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