Install PS3 Udraw tablet on Windows

Yesterday I went to my usual video game store and I wanted to buy udraw for my little brother. It cost me about 22 Euros and it came with the game and the tablets.

After my brother played for a while it occurred to me that I might use udraw tablet on windows. The truth is that it is really easy to install it on W7.

the tablet is wireless and includes a usb adapter to link with the PC. In order to install it, we connect the USB receiver in the computer. once connected it will detect the device correctly and it will be installed only if we are connected to the Internet.

After it is installed by itself, we must download the application and the driver in this link. The driver, if it is not automatically detected for you, is also found in the file that we just downloaded.

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Once the file is downloaded, we unzip it and go to the folder bin where we will find the application udrawtablet.exe. Once opened we can calibrate the sensitivity of the tablet in a small bar.

I have tried it and it works perfectly, it’s no problem and it’s a lot of fun to draw with your own hand directly in Photoshop or Paint.


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