Is iLevante a reliable store to buy screens?

Surely it has ever happened to you you drop your phone and the screen breaks. It is something that millions of people go through every year but it has a solution, replace the screen of your device. To do this, you can do it in two different ways: either yourself (with the classic YouTube tutorials) or by hiring a company to change the screen of your device. Whether you are a simple user or a company, in both cases you will need to buy the screen and today we would like to talk a little about a store in our country to buy screens.

Is about iLevante, one of those reliable stores that we would like to give our opinion about. This store not only sells mobile screens but also has cheap MacBook chargers, smart watches with their spare parts, security devices, memory cards, all kinds of spare parts for mobile phones and even tablets. Its wide range of products is really complete and to take a look you just have to go to


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Is it reliable to buy screens in iLevante?

Without a doubt, it is one of those reliable stores that not only has an online portal but also has a physical store in Valencia. Your business has been open for more than 15 years and they have been selling online since 2005. It is a consolidated store and you will find good opinions on the Internet.

iLevante stands out for how easy it is to buy in its store. Not only is it perfectly organized and has a design that you won’t mess with. They also allow you to follow shipments from their own website, they provide you with invoices directly in your account and they allow you to manage the guarantees of the screens or chargers from the same place. Nowadays they sell to all Spain and even in any country in Europe.

One of the things that has caught our attention about iLevante is that when you get in touch with them you quickly realize that you are not talking to a machine or a telemarketer on duty. They take their work very seriously and you can see that behind this business there are people with great enthusiasm, eager to solve your problems and to help you in each part of the purchase process: either choosing the right screen for your mobile or trying to help you install it yourself without damaging any part of your device. There are 3 things that stand out in iLevante:

  • Tea give away a complete repair kit with every part you buy, so you have all the tools you need.
  • Have promotions where they give you free tempered glass screen protectors, like most Samsung panels.
  • Count on urgent and cheap shipments.

Our opinion and why you should buy at iLevante

Opinion iLevante

It is clear that all stores have their strengths but at iLevante they work oriented to all types of customers. Thus, unlike other online businesses, at iLevante they not only sell you the screen but also give you advice and instructions so that you can change it yourself. That is They allow you to save a lot of money by not having someone change the screen for you..

We know that many times the official technical services charge an abusive price for replacing the screen and iLevante wants to avoid this. you can find screens for all mobiles like Samsung, iPhone, Xiaomi, Huawei, etc. And they also work with courier services that guarantee punctuality and delivery in the best conditions. What they will always do is recommend that you change the entire screen (the entire module), since replacing only the panel is usually accompanied by many problems that it is not necessary to go through.

They also sell high-quality chargers for MacBook, solving the classic problem of broken cables. Do you sell compatible chargers for MacBook of which the cable does not break, which is a great advantage over the brand’s official ones, which are also extremely expensive. Many times they even offer free shipping on these and give you the full guarantee themselves. Do you want to know something else? Use the comments for it!

DISCLAIMER: obviously this situation can change over time, when we test the store our results have been good but we must not forget that stores can improve or deteriorate over time. If your impression of the store is different, please leave us a comment.


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