Is it necessary to use an Antivirus in Windows 11?

Windows is the leading operating system on the market, but like any leadership, it is constantly threatened by attacks: viruses, malware, ransomware, etc. While it is true that Windows Defender (now called Microsoft Defender) exists, many people wonder Is it necessary to use an Antivirus in Windows 11? It is useful? Let’s talk about it because it’s important.

What is Windows Defender for?

it is necessary to use an antivirus in windows 10 - 11 microsoft defender

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While it’s true that Windows Defender was mocked for its ineffectiveness when it was introduced with Windows Vista and Windows 7 (in 2006), that’s a thing of the past. Microsoft has greatly improved Defender since Windows 8.

Nobody doubts the effectiveness of Defender today and now since 2021 the name has been changed to Microsoft Defender. This name change is a way of saying that this protection is to offer solutions for multiple platforms in enterprise and home products. of the Microsoft family.

So, is it necessary to use an Antivirus in Windows 11?

The answer is no, but it is not a definite no, why? With Microsoft Defender your PC is protected, but in this vast computing world, in which many attackers definitely want to sabotage the biggest one, there can be several ways of attack and it depends on some factors:

  • If you use the PC for work and play with normal use and do not use strange repositories, you will hardly run any risks.
  • If you like free games, download movies and music from strange platforms without looking at anything… Then it is possible that this risk increases a lot.
  • If you have a job where you use sensitive information, it’s not a bad idea to consider a more professional antivirus.

In short, the ease of infecting your machine it depends much more on your common sense than on your antivirus. Whether or not to buy an antivirus other than Defender will depend a lot on how you use the computer, but in 90% of cases Microsoft Defender is enough.

What can you do to improve the security of your PC?

Although it is not necessary to use an extra Antivirus in Windows 10 or Windows 11, we bring you several tips to increase the security on your PC:

Review Microsoft Defender

The first recommendation is that Go into Defender on your PC and check that everything is activated, it is done in this way:

  • Go to Start > Settings > Privacy and security.
  • At the top you will see “Windows Security” and when you press there you can see what is activated.
  • In case something is not activated, you can activate it.

Be very careful where you click

Cheating is one of the most used ways to infect your PC, clicking links in emails that then download malware, fake versions of websites that then ask you to log in by stealing your account password, etc.

If you receive an email saying that your account password needs to be changed, never click. If there is a big offer, don’t click the link, go to the browser and type the address of the site. If the sale is real, you will be able to find it.

Be very careful with messages on social networks, as they can be equally dangerous. Basically, treat every link or download as suspicious and you can avoid a lot of trouble.

Make regular backups

An essential part of protecting yourself is taking regular offline backups. Yes, using online services is a good idea and there are many options, but since ransomware is becoming a threat, we also recommend create your own local backups on an external hard drive without an Internet connection to have something to throw away in case of a hack.

Have a dedicated web browser for Flash or Java

it is necessary to use an antivirus in windows 10 - 11 connected

Another common weak point in Windows comes from third-party software. It is known that much Flash like Java are the route many malware programs take to enter your system, so it is advisable to limit its use. In some cases this is difficult, as you may be using specific websites that require them (like banking pages for example), which means you can’t completely disable them in a single browser.

Our advice is to download another browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc) and have Java and Flash enabled on it. Then, whenever you need to use the website that requires them, you can open that browser, but for the rest of your time online you can be in a secure browser with Java and Flash disabled.

We already explained that it is not necessary to use an extra Antivirus in Windows 11 or Windows 10, but no antivirus (even if it is the most expensive) offers an iron guarantee that it will stop all viruses and malware every day. That is why it is essential that you stay alert and safe by using common sense and avoiding strange downloads and links that seek to steal money or sensitive information.


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