Is it reliable to buy in Shoppa&Share and SmartShopping or a scam?

Many are the people who wonder if pyramid shopping stores are reliable. Currently many have emerged in Spain in the last year and two of the best known are and also Are they reliable? Is it safe to buy from them? In the following lines we explain how they work and also our experience buying them.

ShoppaShare scam

How do these stores and their buying groups work?

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The operation is simple, we explain it with an example:

  • You buy an iPhone for 300 euros that actually costs 1100.
  • Another user buys a PC for 600 euros, which actually costs 2,000 euros.
  • A third user buys a mobile for 200 euros that actually costs 800 euros.

With these three purchases, the price of the first order is completed and the first user receives the product within a period, usually 7 days. The products that are purchased on these platforms are completely legal, have their corresponding guarantee years, etc. So… Where is the trick of these platforms?

These stores are not a scam, but nobody warns you of the risks

In order for the second and third user to receive their product, it is necessary that other users complete that price. The problem will be in the last users who buy although, since it is an inverted pyramid purchase, there will be many users who fall by the wayside. At the same time, product shipments will take longer and longer and that’s when people stop buying, creating a loophole of thousands (or millions) of users who don’t receive the product. Here we show you a capture of these stores.Buy in Shoppa & Share

Shared shopping store «Shoppa & Share»

Shared shopping stores ALWAYS crash, at some point

This is the problem with this type of “shared” shopping stores. What all life has been known as a pyramid scheme is not really a scam although it will feel like one to many buyers, because it has a lot of risk. Therefore, if you buy in these types of stores, you should know that there will be a time when the system collapses. However, we are going to give you several tricks so that you can make sure that your order does arrive in a «fast» time.

We have tried the Shoppa & Share service and in 15 days we have received an iPhone for 300 euros, but we have done it in the when the platform started to work, at which time the possibility of receiving the products is very high. The good thing about these platforms is that they allow us to see, generally, the shopping list on it, so we will know if there are already many people waiting or if, on the contrary, we have caught the page at the beginning.

In turn, these pages encourage us to comment on the method we have used to friends and therefore sell more and more, creating a mass network of buyers in which there will be victims, who will have accepted the conditions of the store.

How to buy successfully on these platforms?

Reliable SmartShopping
SmartShopping shopping list

Without it being an «exact» guide, there are several things that can work for you if you want the product to reach you:

  • Do not buy in stores when the list is more than 4,000 or 5,000 people.
  • Avoid spending too much money, because there is a risk that you will lose it.

How do SmartShopping and Shoppa&Share stores make money?

It is obvious that for them it is a big business. Platforms make money in many ways, they never lose:

  • They do not send products unless the PVP is covered of the same (when they will always buy them cheaper).
  • They will keep all the money from the unshipped products when the platform crashes, without having scammed anyone.

It seems to us a very high risk buying in this type of store but we tell you about our experience in one of them with a very short waiting list in which things went well, although it could not have been. So, is it safe to buy? Yes, it is, although you assume the risk of losing the money, do not forget it. And the latter must be taken into account because there will be many more people who are left without the product than those who receive it. Keep in mind that more and more people will be needed to cover the amounts on the list, because with a buyer we had a gap of 800 euros in the example we gave you. However, with 3 buyers, the gap was already 2,000 euros (that is, more and more people will be needed for a buyer to receive a product).

NOTE: We do not recommend buying on these platforms to anyone. We believe that it is easy to buy products on the Internet at competitive prices by taking a look at the offers that we can find on Amazon and all kinds of shopping platforms. If you decide to buy something on these pages it will be at your own risk. This item is not endorsed or promoted by these types of stores. It is a personal opinion and a real experience.

Nowadays even followers are bought on Instagram, it is important to know the risks of this type of action. If you’re willing to take them on, go ahead! Otherwise, a bird in the hand is better than a hundred in the wings, as they say…


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