Is it worth downloading SteamOS?

I have seen that in my Feeds reader a fairly high percentage of news talks about the launch of Steam OS, since yesterday it is available for download in Public Beta but… Is it worth downloading Steam OS today?

The answer is NO and I would like to explain to you why you should not worry about the Steam Machines (Assembled PCs of different sizes and specifications to compete directly with the famous Next Gen consoles) that will arrive in 2014 and will revolutionize the gaming market despite the fact that they do not bring anything that was not there until now.

The concept of Steam Machine is nothing more than building a PC as we have been doing so far, installing the operating system and playing. Steam OS will be a free system that will allow us to run Steam natively (a free alternative to Windows for its high price).

Steam Machine

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So if you don’t invent anything, why would a Steam Machine be worth it? Because it will simplify the process of installing and maintaining a PC by having a store where games can be installed with a simple click (as is done today on Steam) and nothing else.

Now, the problem of compatibility It will always be present and there will be minimum requirements for some games that could be the maximum for another. That’s why turning SteamOS into a viable project is a long-term thing and not a short-term thing at all, as most Steam games don’t even run on Linux (platform Steam OS is based on).

If, on the other hand, I haven’t convinced you and you want to try Steam OS, you can download it from this link, although at the moment the servers will be very slow and the system is still a bit “in the balls” as the application is not fully implemented.

If you want a Steam Machine you will have to gather the following requirements:

  • Intel or AMD 64-bit processor.
  • 4GB of RAM.
  • 500GB hard drive.
  • NVIDIA graphics card (at the moment there is no support for Intel or ATI).
  • Boot UEFI.
  • USB port to install the operating system.

At the moment it is a Beta very incomplete and the lack of games is a real problem for a platform focused on them. In the future SteamOS will be able to run games in Streaming (as OnLive has done so far) so that the drought is not so noticeable, but for that we need a decent Internet connection.

Thinking about playing today is only within the reach of consoles and PCs with a powerful configuration, dreaming of fully functional Steam Machines and at a price that directly competes with PS4 or Xbox One is a thing of the distant future.


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