Is Windows 11 a free update to Windows 10 and Windows 7?

After six years with Windows 10 there is finally a completely new version. We have an initial version of Windows 11 that we have been testing and It’s very exciting. But there is also a question: Will it be free to upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11? While Microsoft has yet to officially announce anything, the answer is «yes.» And here are the minimum requirements for Windows 11.

Windows 11 will be a free update if you have Windows 10 inside

What is Windows 11 and what’s new?

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Windows 11 is the next major version of Windows and it’s the first we’ve had in six years. That’s quite a long time, considering that new versions of Windows used to arrive every three years. The reason for this is that Windows 10 is an operating system that has been continuously updated (twice a year or so) instead of just getting new features every two to three years.

See the name of Windows 11 It may make you think that this is a clear break with everything that was happening, but that is not true. We have heard a while ago on «Sun Valley» and «Windows 10X», two projects that focused on a major visual update for Windows And for a few months we thought it would just be another feature update for Windows 10. The truth revealed is that Windows 11 (in essence) is still Windows 10, but with a very different look and with some improvements.

Will you be able to upgrade from Windows 10 and / or Windows 7?

If you are using Windows 10 most likely installing Windows 11 is like installing a Windows 10 update. According to the leaked version we have in our hands at the moment, the update process is completely fluid and all user data is saved. If you are already using Windows 10 and have a valid license, you can easily upgrade to Windows 11 for free and without major challenges. In fact, you can probably do a clean install of Windows 11 on your PC and activate it right away, where Windows 11 will take the registry key and convert it to a valid license.

If you use Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, there is also good news. Again, Microsoft has not officially announced this, but Windows 11 contains configuration files intended for users who will upgrade from these versions of Windows. Windows 10 was once a free update for Windows 7 and 8, and it looks like Windows 11 will be the same.

Windows 11 will be a free update if you have internal Windows 10

The difference: how to upgrade to Windows 11

Windows 11 is likely do not update via Windows UpdateInstead, it will be using the “Media Creation Tool”. If you are using the original version of Windows 8, you must first upgrade to Windows 8.1 (it’s free) before upgrading to Windows 11, because Windows 8 is no longer supported.

None of this means that Windows 11 will be free. You still need a valid license, but if you are using an older version of Windows, that license will still work. Most computers and laptops for sale include a Windows license, so you won’t have to buy it again. If you don’t have a valid Windows license, you will need to buy a Windows 11 license, just like Windows 10 did at the time. Ah! And you won’t be able to install Windows 11 without TPM chip.

Microsoft wants Windows is as unified a platform as possible. Since Windows 10 was released we have often heard the company talk about how many devices are running the operating system. Satya Nadella said that there are currently 1.3 billion devices running Windows 10. It would not make sense for the company to re-divide its user base, but rather to Windows 11 will be the cornerstone of that unification.


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