Jam Legend, a Free Online Guitar Hero

Jam Legend It’s a good free online game in the style of Guitar Hero, It is considered the best online game of this style. It has things that we could highlight such as the powerful multiplayer mode, with which you can easily compete with your friends, strangers. It is an innovative feature in these types of games.

jamlegend 4

Regarding its playability, we have two different modes: Guitar Jam and Beta Jam; in one you will play the notes and the strings and in the other you will only play the notes. If the keyboard is not your strong suit, you can connect a Guitar Hero or Rock Band guitar to your PC to practice.

The best thing, you don’t even have to be registered, so it is advisable to register to save your progress and make changes to your profile. And participate in the world ranking. Still you have not tried? Do not stay with the desire, it is fantastic!

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Unfortunately Jam Legend no longer exists but there is one alternative called Guitar Flash which is similar, you can try it here.


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