Kojiro, a robot with human movements

Every day real life gets closer to fiction, the truth is that somewhere I heard: «Fiction can never outperform real life«. For those of you who have seen «I robot« starring Will Smith, researcher Yuto Nakanischi from the JSK robotics laboratory at the University of Tokyo is manufacturing a robot that could become the first to faithfully emulate people’s movements like in the movie.

Looking at this robot’s face is scary

Kojiro is the name of the robot that has a body structure similar to the human body, hold something similar to muscles and tendons The same as us.

Your body is developed with light and flexible materials. To keep your Balance The robot uses three gyroscopes and a three-axis accelerometer on its head. Kojiro’s idea is creation of robots different from the previous ones, lighter and more agile.

Kojiro has about 100 motors in your body of direct current that allow their mobility, are little ones but they offer some 40v power. Each motor unit has a rotary encoder, a voltage sensor, and a current and temperature sensing circuit.

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The movements Yuto’s son are still a little limited since it is in the beginning of its development, but can now move his spine. The control of the robot is done by means of the using a PS2 controller.

I leave you a video for watch some of their movements.

via | daily mail


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