Learn to Play Dominoes as a Pair as an Expert with Advanced Strategies – Rules

Dominoes, is a board game in which the use of rectangular tiles, white in color and with dots that indicate the number in black, is applied, these numbers are marked in each from zero to six. The game has a total of 28 tiles, in which each one is different. There are way too many ways dominoes can be played, they even created one where the tiles can go up to nine so there are 55 chips in total.

Dominoes are currently played through virtual pages, likewise these games can be linked to our Facebook accounts, so that our friends know who we are.

Domino rules

Like all board games, domino has rules that must be followed, that is to say that if you want to be a professional domino player you must take these rules into account:

For the players

The game is normally played solo between four people, however many times it is played in pairs. The game can even be played by six, eight or even twelve people at the same time.

I dominate game

Start of the game

Players must sit around a table, with couples face to face. Before starting the game, the players must shuffle the tiles and also grab 7 tiles each.

The player who owns the double six must place the tokenHowever, if he does not have it, he must place any token. Once a player serves, the players to their right will serve.

Game development

Players must place the tiles according to the ones that are the sameIn other words, three goes with three, four goes with four, and so on.

As soon as a player does not have the corresponding token, he must go to the next player so as not to have to stop the game.

Game over

The game can be quite a long game if everyone knows how to play, however the game can stop if any of the following happens:

  • The game is over yeah some player runs out of chips.
  • In case the departure padlock, that is to say that no number is the same as the ones that are, the winner will be the one with the fewest numbers by adding all the numbers on each chip.

domino tile group

Domino strategies for advanced couples

We can make the game work in our favor with the techniques that we are going to present. The techniques vary and are among the most important things that we must evaluate at the beginning of the game:

  • Use thoughtful padlocksThese blocks must be very well thought out by you and your partner, this is because it will be the end of the game and if we are certain that we have fewer numbers, and that no one else has that token, it is better to resort to the padlock.
  • Think very well your movementsYou should mainly get out of the high chips, this is because if we quickly get out of the chips with very high values, we can be calmer.
  • Visualize very well each turn of your rivals, This is because you should memorize each tile that they are putting, in order to get to have the game in your favor.
  • Visualize the reactions and looks of the rivalsRemember that couples communicate through signals throughout the game.
  • Count the chipsThis is one of the most widely used strategies, it consists of counting each of the chips in order to guess which ones the rival has.

Can you believe something? The domino has been an example for many companies, this is because it influences the strategic planning of companies.

Dominoes are used as a game to have a good time, so it is considered as a construction game both family and friendship. Dominoes is a very entertaining game, in which you can reduce stress, in which you have fun and pass the time without realizing it. If you found it interesting, run to the store and buy a domino!

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